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Guest Commentary: 10 reasons to become a substitute teacher

Cathy Pegau writes: We moved to Cordova in June 2007. In August, when I registered the kids for school, I was asked if I’d be interested in working as a substitute. I said sure, but thought little of it as we settled into our new home. Before long, I received a phone call. Could I start work at the school ASAP? Like, within the next two days?

Commentary: Legislators will dig into sudden termination of Permanent Fund Director Angela Rodell

Tim Bradner writes: State legislators will be digging into the sudden termination of Permanent Fund director Angela Rodell with the House-Senate Budget and Audit Committee examining the matter.

Reporting for Alaska: Legislators must do more than write letters to Permanent Fund trustees

Dermot Cole writes: I must confess I didn not know about an old state law that requires the Legislative Budget & Audit Committee to conduct an “annual operational and performance evaluation of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation investments and investment programs.”

Better Business Bytes: BBB’s guide to returning holiday gifts

Now that the holidays are over, are you staring at a heap of well-intended gifts that just didn’t work out? You’re likely stuck with the scarf your aunt knitted for you, but most presents purchased online can be returned. How easily that happens, though, depends on your approach.

Community Health: Let’s ‘Kick the 19’, Cordova

Participants with “Kick the 19” will meet for 30 minutes to an hour one night a week to talk about successes and challenges, and for a weigh-in. The program is free and will be facilitated by me, Dr. Paul Gloe.

Reporting from Alaska: The kind of brother anyone would be lucky to have

Alaska journalist Dermot Cole reflects on grief and the holidays during his second Christmas without his twin brother, who he describes as a prankster and an angel.

Commentary: It’s time to hold polluters of ANCSA lands accountable

Commentary from Jason Brune: Walt Disney drilled for oil in Alaska in 1938. He and his associates wildcatted a second well on the Iniskin Peninsula on the southwestern end of Cook Inlet decades later, five years before Alaska became a state, and just months before he opened Disneyland. Unfortunately, Disney and his gang of Mickeys left much of their exploration hardware, including countless barrels of oil and lubricants on those federally owned lands to rust and leak contaminants into the ground. And the worst part — it’s all still there.

Christmas Greeting: Following the Star

Christmas greeting from Rev. Michael Kim: During this pandemic, many of us experienced frustration, but we need to be supported by the hope that Christmas grants us. We know that the Wise Men were guided by the Star to Bethlehem.

Commentary: Prince William Sound stands up for hatcheries

Anyone who’s ever fished in Alaska knows that it’s about much more than putting dinner on the table or making a profit. For most Alaskans, fishing is about providing for our families, keeping traditions alive, and ensuring the economic health of our state.

Commentary: Permanent Fund invites political corruption with unwarranted secrecy on in-state investments

With no public review or public discussion, the state bought part of Peter Pan Seafood Co. a year ago, through an investment fund largely bankrolled by the Alaska Permanent Fund.


Police report

Courtesy of the Cordova Police Department  The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between 10-10-22...
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