Guest Commentary


Commentary: The sound of spring

One needs only to step outside your front door in Cordova to be immersed in the sounds of spring.

Commentary: Explaining the AK CARES Grant Program

Alaska Commissioner Julie Anderson explains the ins and outs of the AK CARES program.

Commentary: Rasmuson Foundation takes a hard look at racism

The board of the Rasmuson Foundation will address racism as it has addressed homelessness, alcoholism and other societal challenges, writes Ed Rasmuson.

Commentary: Building vigilance against invasive species

The Alaska Invasive Species Partnership would like to announce Alaska Invasive Species Awareness Week, June 14-20

Commentary: No mask, no service

No shoes, no shirt, no service. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Those are signs we have all seen in businesses. But the new signs, the pandemic-related signs asking customers to wear masks in certain businesses and adhere to social distancing rules, those are new signs to us.

Commentary: University Board of Regents will face tough choices in June

State budget cuts and other circumstances have faced the University of Alaska with some chard decisions, writes Sheri Buretta.

Commentary: Acts of hatred must come to an end

A serious dialogue is needed to change the structures that have ended the lives of so many black Americans, writes Adam Kolton.

Remembering the First Lady of Bristol Bay

“I was born in 1932, so I’m an artifact,” Bella Hammond wisecracked as she stood in front of the iconic log home her husband, the late Gov. Jay Hammond, built on the shores of Lake Clark.

Commentary: A love letter to Cordova

Heidi Ritter bids a fond farewell to Cordova.

Commentary: We snookered ourselves on the gasline project

Alaska has spent almost $500 million in public money on an unsustainable, unrealistic engineering project, writes Larry Persily.



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