Guest Commentary


Commentary: This wetland is ‘for the birds’

Every May, one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on the planet occurs on the Copper River Delta as millions of shorebirds congregate on the Delta mudflats in their last effort to fatten up before heading north.

Commentary: How to feed the hummingbirds

There's no need for fancy mixes, dyes or attractants when feeding hummingbirds, writes Kate McLaughlin.

Commentary: ALICE trainings keep Cordova secure

On March 31 the city of Cordova held an ALICE Active Shooter Instructor training for several representatives of local entities and outside organizations.

Commentary: Legislative action needed to protect drinking water

Decisive measures to protect Alaskans from toxic PFAS chemicals are long overdue, writes Pam Miller.

Commentary: Put $150M in federal relief toward tourism

Now is the time to launch a vigorous effort to revive Alaska's tourism industry, writes Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Better Business Bytes: Recovering from supply chain disruptions

As supply chains continue to rebound from COVID-related disruptions, costs associated with performing those projects are rising. Materials are scarce right now, making work more expensive. For business owners, it’s wreaking havoc on budgets and impacting deadlines.

Commentary: Restoring our oil spill readiness

If Alaska wants to remain an example of responsible energy development, it's imperative we maintain robust environmental regulations and a strong frontline to oil spill prevention and response, write Robert Archibald and Donna Schantz.

Easter Inspiration: A moveable feast

Easter's themes of resurrection, rebirth and ascension share a common thread with Buddhist teachings, writes the Rev. Kelley Weaverling of Pathless Way Cordova Zen Community.

Easter Inspiration: Rise up singing!

Holy Week is a time for people of all traditions to pray and sing together, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson of St. George's Episcopal Church.

Easter Inspiration: The resurrected life

Easter offers a chance to contemplate the significance of Christ's resurrection, writes Pastor Steve Leppert of Cordova Church of the Nazarene.



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