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Commentary: Harvesters remain resilient in facing economic challenges of COVID-19

Amid all the uncertainty, one thing that we do know is that Alaskans are resilient, and fishermen in particular are tough and resourceful.

Commentary: Alaska’s senators should reject dangerous nominee for key consumer safety role

Nancy Beck's loyalty lies with chemical corporations, not the people of Alaska, write Vi Waghiyi, Veri di Suvero and Pamela Miller.

Commentary: Cape Yakataga to Cordova with Rev. Kvasnikoff

Norman Hoyt reflects on a childhood flight to Cordova: Early in the statehood of Alaska, a Cordova preacher by the name of Alex Kvasnikoff would fly out to small communities and have a church service, circling Cape Yakataga FAA Compound a few times at low altitude so people would see his red and white airplane. His transportation was a Piper Tri-Pacer with a name THE WINGS OF FAITH painted on the fuselage.

Commentary: Call for more diversity in media

Journalists, including those of color, have victims of police misconduct, write a group of professors funded by the Knight Foundation.

Trump administration wildlife rule will hurt Alaska tourism

The Trump administration has set Alaska back by permitting shameful and unpopular trophy hunting practices, writes Marybeth Holleman.

Commentary: A new vision for EVOS

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council is planning to "spend down" the remainder of its funds.

Commentary: Salmon are returning, regardless of COVID-19. We’re here for Alaskans

The Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation is here to support Alaska's salmon fisheries through the coronavirus crisis, write Tommy Sheridan, Mike Wells, Tina Fairbanks, Katie Harms, Dean Day, David Landis and Scott Wagner

Commentary: Get back to the drawing board on emergency communication center

Alaska's new emergency communication system should not operate at the expense of urban and semi-urban residents, writes Sen. Peter Micciche.

Commentary: Upgrading Alaska’s online checkbook

The state of Alaska is working to fix issues with its online checkbook system, writes Kelly Tshibaka.

Commentary: The sound of spring

One needs only to step outside your front door in Cordova to be immersed in the sounds of spring.



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