Jane Spencer

Jane Spencer is a freelance writer for the Cordova Times. She’s a seasonal resident of Cordova for over 15 years and graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies. She received her Natural Chef certificate in Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, in addition to dabbling as an oil painter and ceramic artist.
Linda Johnson Ecolano shows off her bar lights, she’s happy to have some memories of the CoHo in her home. Photo by Jane Spencer/For the Cordova Times

Taking home a piece of the CoHo

A French fry press, disco lights, a metal detector, an old jukebox, a duck ashtray, a popcorn maker, a pair of model ships, an ammo box, a carpet shampooer and an eclectic collection of cookie jars; these are just some of the many things that were for sale in the CoHo auction.
Lt. Cmdr. Collin Bronson discusses the importance of Cordova being a Coast Guard City. Photo by Jane Spencer/For the Cordova Times

Cordova becomes a Coast Guard City

Cordova is now officially recognized as a Coast Guard City. The honor was announced Nov. 20 during Native Village of Eyak’s 4th annual Coast Guard Appreciation Luncheon.
Just a few of the many patterns and styles of natural fiber bags by Casey Landaluce. Photo by Jane Spencer/For the Cordova Times

Your guide to finding a unique and personal gift for the holidays

Here is a selection of items from five local artists with handmade gifts available for the holiday season.
A collection of the Alutiiq Angels earrings displaying their various colors, shapes and styles. Photo by Jane Spencer/For the Cordova Times

Catch them if you can: local earrings make a big splash

When mother and daughter Peggy McDaniel and Brittney Banks wanted to try a new way to sell their fish-skin earrings, they started the Instagram page Alutiiq Angels in August 2018. Business was slow in the beginning. But sales steadily increased, and soon demand became too much for them.

Cordova woman becomes 99th Alaska Native to earn PhD

Born and raised in Cordova, Jen Smith always loved school, specifically reading and writing. However, she admits she didn’t do well on the SATs and she “wasn’t a shiny star” of the school. She was good at basketball and wanted to play in college, but beyond that she didn’t know what her career path would be. This past spring, she became the 99th Alaska Native to receive a PhD. It’s a remarkably low number and a result of structural inequality that keeps many Native people and people of color out of academia.
Mimi Briggs, Event Coordinator for the Cordova Community Center. (Oct. 11, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Volunteer Spotlight: Mimi Briggs grows Shorebird Festival for 30 years and counting

Mimi Briggs was volunteering in Cordova even before she officially moved to town. After being an integral part of the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival beginning, almost 30 years later, she’s still coordinating events here in Cordova with the Cordova Community Center.

Volunteering is part of Pastor Leppert’s faith

Volunteering isn’t a “give to get” concept for Steve Leppert.
Mazie VanDenBroek at Harbor Art gallery and communal art studio in 2015 with one of her watercolors in progress. Photo by Vivian Kennedy/For The Cordova Times

Mazie VanDenBroek: Cordova Arts & Pageants treasurer for life

"I think volunteering in a community is the best way to maintain physical, mental and emotional health," says Mazie VanDenBroek. "It creates ownership of my life and what I do with my time."
Belle Mickelson plays fiddle with staff from Dancing with the Spirit. Back row: Bobby Gilbert, Josephine Malemute and the Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert. Front row: Kelly May, the Rev. Belle Mickelson. Photo Courtesy Encore.org/Talking Eyes Media

Belle Mickelson: Healing the community with music

Belle Mickelson is a passionate volunteer, dedicated to helping others in the community and beyond.

Volunteer Spotlight: Chief Hicks helps make community safer, more prepared

Editor’s note: Cordova community events and programs run on volunteers. This is an ongoing series of Volunteer Spotlight Q&As in partnership with the Cordova...



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