19.4 F
Cordova, AK
Sunday, April 22, 2018

Joanie Behrends

Joanie Behrends trains the City of Cordova in Disaster Management and is the Captain of the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department ambulance.

Cordova Prepared: Be ready if the tsunami actually comes

Go to high ground! Tsunami!Hopefully, Cordovans will not hear the sirens announcing such news — again — any time soon. However, Cordova experienced a...
A guide to preparing for long term self-sufficiency in case of earthquakes and other disasters is available on line. Joanie Behrends/For The Cordova Times

Cordova Prepared: Have your ‘To Go Kit’ ready to go

Are you READY yet? The earthquake is still in our recent memory. Good intentions still have time to come to fruition. Have we put together...
Kevin and Nora Haisman read to pass the time at the shelter, as Isla looks on. Check out their orange ‘To Go’ kit. Photo courtesy of Joanie Behrends

Cordova Prepared: Have a ‘To Go’ kit ready in an emergency

Were you READY when the 7.9 earthquake hit, early morning January 23?Some people were REALLY ready. Others, many others, were not.Fourteen members of our...

Cordova Prepared: A little insurance goes a long way

A few weeks ago, this column referred to disaster insurance by stating:“A LITTLE INSURANCE CAN GO A LONG WAY. Consider the cost — and...
Residents had the opportunity to practice sheltering in place by taping up windows in this miniature home. Photo courtesy of Joanie Behrends

Cordova Prepared: Learn the drill for possible ‘shelter in place’ emergencies

If you and your family were instructed to “shelter in place,” would you know what to do?  Or why you were being asked to...

Cordova Prepared: Mitigating against the big wind

Depending upon who you talked to on the morning of Dec. 11, you heard a completely different adventure story, but there was a common...
Cordova Volunteer Fire Department member Dustin Solberg and Idaho Civil Support Team member enter the bus, serving in place of an aircraft, to find the weapon of mass destruction. Photo courtesy of Cordova Volunteer Fire Department

Giving Thanks for a Prepared Cordova

It is Thanksgiving weekend and Cordovans have much to be thankful for with regards to emergency preparation.Cordovans have a city council with the foresight...
Marjorie Saxby shares her enthusiasm for being a simulated cyanide victim, part of the most recent full-scale disaster exercise. Photo by Mike Hicks/For The Cordova Times

What is an After Action Report?

It is prudent to be prepared. We all know that.An After Action Report can assist in that endeavor.It is a small part of the...
City Clerk Susan Bourgeois demonstrates the correct duck and cover technique for those inside a building during an earthquake. Photo courtesy Joanie Behrends/For The Cordova Times

Great Alaska Shakeout set for Oct. 19

At 10:19 a.m. on Oct. 19 Alaska will join the world in preparing for earthquakes by conducting the “Great Alaska Shakeout.” Last year over...

Cordova Prepared: Making your neighborhood a safer place

Fall is upon us. The flurry of activity is infectious: fishing, hunting, filleting fish, processing meat and preparing for winter.Did you know September is...


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