Katrina Hoffman

Katrina Hoffman is the president and chief executive officer of Prince William Sound Science Center in Cordova.

New science center: An investment in the future

Katrina Hoffman writes: Today, we’re launching the next era of Science Center work. Our new campus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will stimulate our regional economy and enable the work that will continue to advance our region’s resilience. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Think globally, act locally.” The incredible ecosystems you’re surrounded by right now are globally relevant. And that means that what happens locally matters.

Letter: Thank you Copper River Nouveau attendees and sponsors

Last weekend, the Prince William Sound Science Center hosted our annual gala, Copper River Nouveau.Coming right on the...


Cordova welcomes new police chief

Outgoing Police Chief Nate TaylorCordova has bid farewell to Police Chief Nate Taylor and welcomed veteran law...
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