Keylen Villagrana

Keylen Villagrana is a content and PR specialist for Better Business Bureau Great West + Pacific.

Better Business Bytes: How to get started with stock trading apps

The GameStop saga revealed a space in the stock market for small investors that previously felt unavailable. Social media fueled a movement that has now led to an eager younger audience stepping into the world of investing.

Better Business Bytes: Curious about cryptocurrency?

As cryptocurrency becomes an increasingly normalized method of payment, it remains mostly misunderstood.

Better Business Bytes: Boost your business by responding to online reviews

In today’s marketplace, online reviews are one of the most crucial components of operating a successful business. Case in point, 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchasing decisions.


Cordova welcomes new police chief

Outgoing Police Chief Nate TaylorCordova has bid farewell to Police Chief Nate Taylor and welcomed veteran law...
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