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Laine Welch of Kodiak has been covering news of Alaska’s seafood industry for print and broadcast since 1991. Visit her website at

Fish Factor: Good fishing season pushes up permit prices

Optimism is the word that best sums up the attitude among most Alaska salmon fishermen after a good season, according to people in the business of buying and selling permits and boats.

Fish Factor: Most Bristol Bay salmon money won’t circulate in Alaska

The preliminary value to fishermen of the nearly 41 million salmon caught this summer at Alaska’s largest fishery at Bristol Bay is nearly $248 million, 64% above the 20-year average.

Tanner crab abundance growing in Westward region of Alaska

Unlike in the Bering Sea, there’s good news for crab in the Gulf of Alaska. A huge cohort of Tanner crab that biologists have been tracking in the Westward region for three years showed up again in this summer’s survey.

Fish Factor: Crab harvesters reeling over news of depleted stocks

Alaska’s Bering Sea crabbers are reeling from the devastating news that all major crab stocks are down substantially, based on summer survey results, and the Bristol Bay red king crab fishery will be closed for the first time in over 25 years.

Fish Factor: Bristol Bay harvester named for BOF, pending legislative approval

It took freedom of information requests, weeks of queries to administrators and more than three months past a legal deadline for Gov. Dunleavy to finally release his choice for a Board of Fisheries seat, writes Laine Welch.

Fish Factor: Commercial salmon harvest tops 201M fish

Alaska’s 2021 salmon harvest has blown past the forecast and by Aug. 27 had topped 201 million fish, well above the 190 million projected at the start of the season.

Fish Factor: Bristol Bay salmon baby food draws regional support

Bambino's launched the nation’s first subscription service with home delivery of frozen baby foods in 2015, and was the first to bring the frozen option to U.S. retail baby food aisles.

Fish Factor: Light-up gadgets reduce bycatch

Bycatch gives Alaska’s otherwise stellar fisheries management its biggest black eye, but a simple fix has recently shed light on a solution.

Fish Factor: Statewide salmon harvest far exceeds 2020 catch

Alaska’s salmon landings have passed the season’s midpoint and by Aug. 7 the statewide catch had topped 116 million fish. State managers are calling for a projected total 2021 harvest of 190 million salmon, a 61% increase over 2020.

Fish Factor: Crab shell chitosan has new life in textiles

Most people are unaware that the materials that make up our carpets, clothing, car seats and mattresses are coated with chemicals that act as fire retardants, odor preventors, antifungals and anti-microbials. Now, crab shells from Alaska are providing the same safeguards in a bio-friendly way.



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