Laine Welch

Laine Welch of Kodiak has been covering news of Alaska’s seafood industry for print and broadcast since 1991. Visit her website at

Fish Factor: Halibut fishermen face flattened market, fire sale prices

The Pacific halibut fishery opened amid little fanfare and flattened markets.

Fish Factor: Plant-based imitations are not seafood

Imitation seafood products are often nutritionally inferior to real seafood, writes Laine Welch.

Fish Factor: Dunleavy budget poses threat to shellfish growers

Alaska shellfish farmers and divers fear they won’t be ‘open for business’ much longer if they’re forced to pick up the tab for federally required lab tests as outlined in Gov. Dunleavy’s budget, writes Laine Welch.

Fish Factor: Coronavirus starts to take toll on seafood industry

Seafood coming from and going to China is piling up in freezer vans and cold storages indefinitely as the coronavirus continues to cause commerce chaos around the world.

Fish Factor: Dutch Harbor is top fishing port for 22nd year

Kodiak's dried kelp is poised to make a splash in stores across the U.S., writes Laine Welch.

Fish Factor: Still no ban on Russian seafood imports

Lost in the headlines about the hits to seafood sales from the Trump administration’s trade war with China is another international barrier with Russia that’s been going on far longer.

Fish Factor: Lawmakers making fast work of fish bills

Legislators have gutted several bills widely supported by Alaska fishermen, writes Laine Welch.

Fish Factor: Commercial fisheries aid subsistence, personal use harvesters

Strong science is necessary to keep Alaska's fisheries bringing in abundant revenues, writes Laine Welch.
Cambryn McKay, fourth grade winner of AK Fish Heritage contest, 2019. Photo courtesy of Wildlife Forever

Fish Factor: ASMI report has myriad of fish facts

A new report draws a vivid and easy-to-understand picture of the state of Alaska fisheries, writes Laine Welch.

Fish Factor: Payments coming for pink salmon run failure

t’s been a long time coming, but payments should soon be in hand for Alaska fishermen, processors and coastal communities hurt by the 2016 pink salmon run failure, the worst in 40 years.



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