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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Laine Welch

Laine Welch of Kodiak has been covering news of Alaska’s seafood industry for print and broadcast since 1991. Visit her website at www.alaskafishradio.com.

Fish Factor: Old fishing nets reprocessed into high end plastics

More big bundles of old fishing nets will soon be on their way from Dutch Harbor to Denmark to be remade into high end...

Fish Factor: NIOSH device prevents injuries, death from rotating winch

The most common piece of gear on a seine vessel is also one of the deadliest – the rotating capstan winch used for winding...

Fish Factor: Proposed budget would slash millions from NOAA Fisheries

The Trump Administration’s $4.4 trillion federal budget for next year takes some mean whacks to programs that affect fisheries.Off the top, the spending plan unveiled on...
European seafood buyers came to Dutch Harbor to learn more about the industry, on a trip coordinated by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. The group, from left, includes Megan Rider, ASMI; Pat Shanahan, Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers; Helen Oxley, Young’s; Carolina Nascimento, ASMI Brazil; Marta Otero, Pescanova; Greta Lelesiene and Rasa Matijosaitiene, Viciuni Group; Alice Ottoson-McKeen, ASMI; Liliana Marques, Soguima; and Elisabeth Lyfoung, Gelazur. Photo courtesy of ASMI

Fish Factor: European seafood buyers observe Dutch Harbor operations

The nation’s top fishing port welcomed seven European seafood buyers in late January – all women – and showed off its massive seafood industry...

Fish Factor: Healthier eating favors more seafood

Millennials are now the nation’s “peak spenders” and they are gravitating towards healthier eating which favors more seafood.“We see year over year that there...

Fish Factor: Harvest allocation will be down for halibut

As expected, catches of Pacific halibut will decrease for this year, and likely into the foreseeable future.Following an increase in catches last year for...
sea otter

Fish Factor: Growing sea otter population has voracious appetite

Sea otters and their devastating impacts on Southeast Alaska shellfish were among the many emotionally-charged topics at the state Board of Fisheries marathon meeting...
Sockeye salmon swimming

Fish Factor: Markets are emerging for fish parts

State seafood marketers are rebranding fish parts as ‘specialty’ products and mapping a path for millions more dollars in sales.Alaska’s fisheries produce more than...

Fish Factor: 2017 fishing picks and pans

For 27 years this weekly column has featured news for and about Alaska’s commercial fishing industry. It began in 1991 in the Anchorage Daily...
Snug in the harbor: The majority of Cordova’s gillnet fleet have put their boats away for the winter in the Cordova Boat Harbor, wrapping up the 2017 commercial salmon fishing season. Photo by Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times

Fish Factor: Apprenticeship program lures younger crew

The clamor of “take me fishing” is taking on new meaning in Alaska.Prospects for a deckhand apprenticeship program just got a big lift from a...