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Inventory on display at the Cordova Church of the Nazarene’s winter clothing giveaway. (Oct. 19, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Letter to the Editor: Gratitude to Pastor Steve Leppert

Kristi Rubio thanks Pastor Steve Leppert and the volunteers who made Cordova's most recent clothing drive a success.
A pair of coho salmon caught during the Ed Zeine Kids Fishing Derby. (Sept. 7, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to fishing derby sponsors and volunteers

Ed Zeine Kids Fishing Derby organizer Vivian Knop thanks the community for helping to make this year's event a success.

Letter to the Editor: Vote for the fisherman

This year, voting for fisheries means voting for independent U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross, writes Michael J. Mayo.

Letter to the Editor: Exhausted by partisanship?

Independent candidate Dr. Al Gross provides a relief from partisan squabbling, writes Brad Reynolds.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, fish processors

Cordova's fish processors have shown a true commitment to protecting public health throughout the coronavirus pandemic, writes Dennis Zadra.

Letter to the Editor: Paperless filing makes PFD more efficient

The Permanent Fund Dividend Division thanks Alaskans for using paperless communication methods to file for their dividends.

Letter to the Editor: Educators boldly return to work

Superintendent Alex Russin and the Cordova School Board have set an example by returning students to in-person learning, write Henk and Sue Kruithof.

Letter to the Editor: Sullivan fails to speak truth to power

Sen. Dan Sullivan has failed to stand up to President Donald Trump's attacks on military individuals, writes Mark Roye.

Letter to the Editor: To beat a pandemic, be generous but firm

In 1919, Health Officer W.H. Chase wrote in with advice to Cordova on surviving a pandemic.

Letter to the Editor: Say no to Proposition 2

Rich, out-of-state interests are attempting to manipulate Alaska voters, writes Leslie Ridle.



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