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The Cordova Times welcomes letters to the editor. General interest letters should be no more than 300 words. Thank you letters should be no more than 150 words. Letters should be submitted by 5 p.m. Thursdays for consideration in the following week’s edition of the newspaper. However, meeting that deadline is no guarantee that the letter will be published. All letters must include the writer’s name and address and daytime phone number. Only the writer’s name and city will be published. The Cordova Times also reserves the right to edit letters for content, length, clarity, grammar, AP Style and taste. Unsigned letters will not be published. Letters must be relevant to The Cordova Times readership area and preference will be given to topics covered in recent editions of The Cordova Times. Letter writers are encouraged to use email. Submit letters to share@thecordovatimes.com.
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Letter to the Editor: Pebble falsely claims Tribal support

Pebble Partnership has misleadingly used the logos of Alaska Native Tribes that do not support its activities, writes Vicki Duggin.

Letter to the Editor: Congratulations light post decoration winners

Participants in the 2019 lamppost decorating contest showed exemplary creativity and enthusiasm, writes Lynne Steen.

Letter to the Editor: Gratitude for the Neil Durco search effort

Family members of Neil Durco have written to voice their grief at Durco's death, as well as their gratitude for the energy, determination and compassion that drove the search effort.
President Donald J. Trump. (Jan. 3, 2020) Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead/The White House

Letter to the Editor: A response to young Will Deaton

William Deaton's defense of Donald Trump was based on misunderstandings of the Constitution and of U.S. history, writes Mark S. Heidbrink.

Letter to the Editor: Gifts to Salvation Army made the holidays more joyful for...

The Salvation Army appreciates the work of the Cordova volunteers who helped make its Thanksgiving and Christmas events a success, writes Jenni Ragland.

Letter to the Editor: Congratulations, Tom Carpenter

Residents like Tom Carpenter help make Cordova's voice heard throughout the state, write Torie Baker and Troy Tirrell.
CHS Fundraiser attendees make their way through the buffet line which featured seafood and meat lasagna, green salad and garlic bread. (Dec. 21, 2019) Photo by Anica Estes/The Cordova Times

Letter to the Editor: CHS Basketball Fundraiser a success

A Dec. 21 basketball fundraiser demonstrates the kindness and community spirit of local residents and businesses, writes Anica Estes.
President Donald Trump arrives at the White House. Photo courtesy of Tia Dufour/The White House

Letter to the Editor: A modern-day witch hunt

Donald Trump's impeachment was motivated not by concern for the law, but by partisan malice, writes William Deaton.
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Letter to the Editor: Cordova’s spirit of giving

Cordova provides an inspirational example of generosity and openheartedness, writes Judy Fulton.
Front, from left, Amber Nolan, Liane Stephens, Kaila Gonzalez, Mary Gonzalez, Kelsey Hawley, Martha Nichols, Carrie Daskalos, Seawan Galbach, Barbara Solomon, Isabel Nothstine and Thomas Nothstine. Middle, from left, Jan Mayer, Katrina Hoffman, Sam Stripes, Bree Mills, Bryan Mills, Everleigh Mills, Annalee Ladd, Raegan Ladd, Gayle Groff, Pheobe Tschappat, Shannon Mallory, Morgan Saiget, Marleen Moffitt, Jessica Smyke, Ria Smyke, Alena Craig, Serena Herschleb, Barb Bailer, Sheryl Glasen and Barclay Kopchak. Back, from left, Jaqai Kinsman, Deborah Adams, Ruth Fastenau, Josh Pearson, Anita Smyke, Kim Menster, Nathan Wesely and Joseph Fuentes. Photo courtesy of Stage of the Tide/for The Cordova Times

Letter to the Editor: ‘Mamma Mia!’ dedicated to lost troupers

This year's production of "Mamma Mia!" was dedicated to the lost troupers who were meant to be a part of the show, writes Barclay Kopchak.



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