Margaret Bauman

Margaret Bauman is a veteran Alaska journalist focused on covering fisheries and environmental issues. Bauman has been writing for The Cordova Times since 2010. You can reach her at

ANTHC gets federal grant to combat coastal erosion

Funds totally nearly $1.4 million have been awarded to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to combat coastal flooding and erosion in remote Alaska Native communities as the climate continues to warm.

Whales are a multi-million-dollar economic driver in Alaska

A new study from NOAA Fisheries highlights the economic importance of whales to Alaska, not as a source of blubber, meat and baleen, but as a tourism attraction. Over half a million visitors to the state in 2019 alone spending an estimated $86 million on whale watching tours, and the overall economic impact doesn’t end there.

Update: COVID-19 infection total in Alaska reaches 31,444

Update: Infections from the novel coronavirus pandemic continue their rapid spread throughout Alaska on Saturday, Nov. 28, with state health officials confirming 656 new cases, with one additional cases in the Valdez-Cordova Census Area, and two new deaths.

USACE denies critical permit for proposed Pebble mine

A final federal decision issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denies a critical clean water permit for the proposed Pebble mine, leaving out on a limb a project fought over in public hearings and court battles for well over a decade.

Farewell to Sen. Kerttula, a good friend of Cordova

A child of the Great Depression who rose to become the Speaker of the House and later president of the Senate in the Alaska Legislature, Jalmar Kerttula had a passion for his adopted state, and a special place in his heart for Cordova.

Copper River project wins USDA award

A project of the Cordova Ranger District Copper River Watershed Enhancement Partnership has won the Chugach National Forest 2020 Chief’s Award for its work to identify and replace under-sized culverts in the Copper River watershed.

Congress to take up safeguarding fisheries

U.S. Coast Guard capability to safeguard national interests and promote economic security in the Arctic will be the subject of a congressional hearing on Dec. 8, one in which Alaska’s commercial fishing entities have a special concern.

BB tribes want a voice in long term regional protections

United Tribes of Bristol Bay say a request for a regional leadership meeting with Sen. Lisa Murkowski to discuss long-term protections for the area has to date been unanswered.

UPDATE: COVID-19 infection total in Alaska reaches 30,102

Update: Infections from the novel coronavirus pandemic continue their rapid spread throughout Alaska on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, with state health officials confirming 633 new cases, including an additional single new case in the Valdez-Cordova Census Area.

Environmental groups sue to halt ANWR

A lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Nov. 17, in U.S. District Court in Anchorage charges that the federal Bureau of Land Management and Interior Department illegally and prematurely authorized the massive Willow oil and gas project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.



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