Margaret Bauman

Margaret Bauman is a veteran Alaska journalist focused on covering fisheries and environmental issues. Bauman has been writing for The Cordova Times since 2010. You can reach her at

Alaska Sea Grant event features shellfish, seaweed farms

Visits to seaweed and oyster farms and a presentation by an Alaska shellfish farmer are on tap at the virtual Alaska Shellfish and Seaweed Festival for four evenings in mid-May.

Legislators endorse ANWR lease sales

A House Joint Resolution urging the federal government to honor recent oil and gas lease sales and allow permitting to proceed has been approved by 31 members of the Legislature, quickly prompting criticism from those who say the leasing program violates sacred lands.

2019 Bristol Bay fishery economic benefits exceeded $2.2 billion

An analysis of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery produced by McKinley Research Group found it was a $2.2-billion-plus economic powerhouse that generated over 15,000 jobs in 2019, with a harvest that fed hundreds of thousands of people.
Photo courtesy of Jon Butterworth/Unsplash

Scientist warns logging Tongass would contribute to climate change

A research scientist with the Earth Island Institute in Berkeley, California, says that logging of mostly old-growth timber in Tongass National Forest will have an alarming impact on global climate change.

New legislation would benefit tribal bison herds

Tourism, industrial services and telecommunications are the investment mainstays of Old Harbor Native Corp. However, it’s the Old Harbor Alliance’s growing herd of bison on Sitkalidak Island that underscores the cultural importance of a sustainable food source.

GOA is slow to return to pre-heat-wave status

A heat wave that impacted the marine food web of the Gulf of Alaska in 2014 officially ended in 2016, but federal fisheries scientists still don’t know if the ecosystem will revert to pre-heat-wave conditions.

‘Rat Island’ rid of invading rodents

“We were surprised that the level of recovery unfolded so quickly,” said Carolyn Kurle.

Despite cruise industry woes, Fairbanks is upbeat on tourism

Word that Delta Air Lines is adding new routes to Alaska this summer is boosting hopes that more independent travelers will visit Alaska this summer, as the travel industry seeks to work with both large and small tour operators.

State wants in on federal case involving SE fisheries

A lawsuit pitting the future of salmon fisheries in federal waters off Southeast Alaska against the nutritional needs of endangered killer whales has the state of Alaska seeking to intervene on behalf of commercial harvesters.

Over 100 people diagnosed with COVID-19 daily in Alaska

Slowly but surely, the number of new COVID-19 infections keep rising, even as more people are vaccinated against the virus and state and local social distancing restrictions are eased in an effort to revive Alaska’s faltering economy.



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