Ned Rozell, UAF Geophysical Institute


Alaska Science Forum: Women may have advantage in the long run

Ned Rozell writes: Once again, I got “Shalaned.” This time was in a 55-mile multisport race held on snowmachine trails east of Fairbanks on March 5, 2022. Even though Shalane Frost started 15 minutes after I did and was on skis rather than the snow-bike I was riding, she passed me on the first big climb.

Alaska Science Forum: Dave Covey made the world a calmer place

When Dave Covey walked up with a smile, your day was about to become calmer. And then he fixed your irritating computer problem in 10 seconds. He left us last week — a quiet exit that was totally Dave. He died at 64 of cancer he told few people about.

Alaska Science Forum: Bird havens on a trans-continental journey

Right about now, songbirds in Brazil are shifting on their perches, feeling mysterious impulses that will soon make them leap off their branches and head toward Alaska.

Alaska Science Forum: Ninety below zero and the unfrozen beer

It is early February, about the date Glenn Shaw once noted as the first day at Fairbanks’ latitude you could feel the tickle of the sun on your cheek.
Signs of the American beaver in Alaska: A cut poplar tree on the upper Tanana River and a dam on Phelan Creek near Isabel Pass in the Alaska Range. Ned Rozell photos.

Beavers slapping tails on far-north waters

Animals the size of Labrador retrievers are changing the face of Alaska, creating new ponds visible from space.“These guys leave a mark,” UAF ecologist...
Chum salmon returning in November to spawn in the Delta River where it meets the Tanana River, about 10 miles north of the town of Delta Junction. Ned Rozell photos.

Salmon complete 1,000-mile journey, and life

MOUTH OF THE DELTA RIVER — On a morning with biting air in the single digits Fahrenheit, this river smells like sulfur and is...

When Jerry Brown came to Nome

A few Alaska researchers recently accepted a surprise assignment of giving Jerry Brown a tour of the Seward Peninsula.The California governor was stopping in...

Biographer profiles scientist-explorer of northeast Alaska

In the early 1990s, Janet Collins was hiking in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge when she saw “Camp 163” labeled on her map. Intrigued,...

Wolves a defining part of Alaska landscape

The wolf tracks appeared as they always do, as a surprise.On a day between fall and winter, with the leaves fallen and browning but...

Algae’s athletic role in glacier melt

Life exists everywhere you look. Even on glacier ice, home to inch-long worms, snow fleas, bacteria and algae.When gathered by the millions on the...


Updates from the Cordova Police Department – 1-16-23 – 1-22-23

The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between 01-16-2023 through 01-22-2023. Any charges reported in these press releases are...
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