Teal Barmore

Teal Barmore is a professional photographer and net mender based in Cordova, Alaska. Visit her website, tealbarmorephotography.com, to see more of her work.
Tiny copepods (1.5 mm) comprise the base of food web in the Prince William Sound and Gulf of Alaska. Swarms of these crustaceans can reach into the billions of individuals and provide food for fishes and whales. This specimen was collected from the Prince William Sound and photographed through a microscope at the Prince William Sound Science Center using a technique called focus stacking. (January 2016) Photo courtesy of Caitlyn McKinstry/Prince William Sound Science Center

PWS marine temperature anomalies have doubled

Warm waters are affecting plankton populations, Prince William Sound Science Center oceanographers have found.

Echo sounder records herring fleeing predators

Marine scientists in Prince William Sound are learning more about how herring race to elude predators as they move towards the surface for spawning.In...

Cordova Net Supply focuses on quality

Tim Swoboda rhythmically snaps knots on a cork line from his net hanging bench, as he sits on the second floor of Cordova Net...
Anna’s Hummingbirds have been expanding their range north. This species was first observed on Cordova’s count in 2003 and has been counted annually since 2013. Photo courtesy Milo Burcham/for The Cordova Times

PWS Audubon completes 118th national Christmas Bird Count

Every winter birders, scientists and citizens across the Western Hemisphere team up for the nation’s longest running citizen science bird project — the Christmas...

10 ways to give locally during the holiday season

Copper River Watershed ProjectCopper River Watershed Project works to keep the watershed intact as one of the last salmon strongholds of North America, while...

The Nutcracker, made modern by Current Rhythms

The original Nutcracker is far from modern.The story dates back to 1816 when E.T.A. Hoffman published the scary adult fairy tale “The Nutcracker and...

Morning Music starts school day on a happy note

At 7:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning things are pretty quiet at Mt. Eccles Elementary School, but a sign on a music stand just...



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