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A small black worm resembling an ice worm was spotted in the snow near Observation Avenue on Thursday, Feb. 6. Photo courtesy of Jane Phillips

Ice worms spotted in Cordova city limits?

A number of small black “ice worms” have been spotted in Cordova just after Cordova’s annual Iceworm Festival.

Cordova teens help younger kids craft DIY gifts

Cordova High schoolers helped Mt. Eccles Elementary students create handmade gifts for the holidays after school, Tuesday, Dec. 17.
Sunset comes around 4 p.m. as winter approaches. (Nov. 25, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Tips to keep pedestrians safe on dark winter days

With more hours of darkness than daylight these days, here are a few tips to keep pedestrians and drivers safer this holiday season.

This week in photos: Signs of summer

Cayce Morin and pup Adak tow their camping gear in a kayak behind their stand-up paddle board on Eyak Lake, Sunday,...

This week in photos: Solstice, salmon and the beer mile

Van Neiderheide tops the salmon-filled jars with canning lids and rings before loading them into the pressure cookers, the final step...

Cordova’s backyard

Do you have a great photo of the area you’d like to see as the “Photo of the...

Call for Salmon Jam artists

Cordova Arts has opened up the application process for interested artisans who wish to sell handcrafts at this year’s Copper River Salmon Jam festival set for mid-July.

Flashback: School kids tell us all about iceworms

The 1984 Iceworm Gazette staff ventured into the halls of Mt. Eccles Elementary School to find out the truth about iceworms.

Mt. Eyak Ski Area fires up for the season

With blue skies and cold temps, winter enthusiasts hit the slopes over the final days of Christmas vacation.Jan. 3 marked opening day of Mt....

Views east of Cordova

Do you have a great photo of the area you’d like to see in "This Week in Photos"? If so, share your photo with...



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