Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is a reporter and photographer for The Cordova Times.

After weeks of holding out hope, 4H Music Camp is canceled

“It was hard to do because we feel so strongly about camp,” said Amy O’Neill Houck, co-president of the camp board. “But it was an easy decision to make from a public health standpoint. Everyone knew it was the right thing to do.”

Mario Kart replaces basketball as Cordova’s top sport

There are few sports that lend themselves to being played at a distance of 6 feet. Even tennis requires players to handle a ball that may have been touched by an opponent. That’s where the Cordova Mario Kart Tournament comes in.

School district distributes bag lunches

Three weeks after the beginning of an indefinitely long spring break, classes are still suspended, but lunch is back on.

City council debates spending $250K on virus test kits

Cordova City Council debated whether to spend $250,000 on coronavirus antibody testing equipment at a Friday, April 3 emergency meeting. Including shipping fees and other incidental costs, $250,000 would be sufficient to buy equipment to perform 50,000 tests.

Will Kayak go under?

At first, Kayak Cafe seemed ready to thrive during a statewide ban on dine-in service. The cafe has become a success thanks not only to its lattes, but to its meal delivery service, which brought soups and snacks to residences around Cordova. But since the March 18 ban went into effect, Kayak Cafe’s business has fallen by roughly 95 percent.

All fishing vessels must sign coronavirus safety agreements

Businesses and individuals, including fishing vessel operators, will be required to sign coronavirus safety agreements to conduct commercial operations in Cordova.

9 podcasts that have nothing to do with the coronavirus

For the past few weeks, seemingly every form of media has been devoted exclusively to coverage and analysis of the coronavirus pandemic.

Salvation Army adapts its food distribution procedures

“We didn’t ask, ‘What should we do?’ we asked, ‘What are we going to do?’” says Pastor Steve Leppert. “I’m so proud of our folks stepping up and taking care of each other."

When the congregation can’t congregate

Many people fear speaking in front of an audience. But what about speaking to an empty room?

‘It’s not candy — it’s chocolate’

Like the round fungus after which they’re named, truffles require a surprisingly long time to take shape. Working on a batch of 2,400 truffles requires Pete Hoepfner to stand for 30 hours at a time over a chocolate tempering machine — both boss and employee of a one-man sweatshop.



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