Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is a reporter and photographer for The Cordova Times.

Sherman promises to champion city employees if elected

“I’d like to see us be more financially sustainable, and I don’t think more taxes are the answer,” Cathy Sherman said. “This is an expensive place to live as it is, and I’d like to see us driving some more economic development within the community… I value the city employees and how hard everybody works here, and I don’t think that the answer to our budget woes is cutting more positions.”

Games help teens open up about dating violence

“I hope that the kids learned that this is an issue that can affect them and that, if they are in that situation, that there are people who care and there is help available,” said Emily Stoddard, prevention coordinator for Cordova Family Resource Center.

Pizzeria owner serves up oven-fired raps

“It’s got a funny little take, but there are some serious lines in it too,” Brian Wildrick says. “I’m not just rapping about pizza, necessarily, but about the work that it took to start a business, being an entrepreneur and doing what you love and the importance of family."
From left, Cordova Trap and Gun Club board member Danielle Verna, Hunter Information and Training Program Instructor Ardy Hanson, Cordova HIT Program co-founder Dick Groff and HIT Program Instructor Charlotte Westing. (Feb. 17, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

At last, Dick Groff receives 2019 lifetime achievement award

When Dick Groff was selected for a prestigious lifetime achievement award in February 2019, other members of the Cordova Hunter Information and Training Program (HIT) waited for a fitting occasion to present it to him. That moment arrived on Monday, Feb. 17, when Groff was presented with an award plaque at a HIT Program training at Mt. Eccles Elementary School.

Poll: Public supports 6 percent tax on alcohol, tobacco, marijuana

The surtax has yet to make a significant dent in business, say staff at local alcohol vendors. Customers grumble while paying for their drinks — but they still pay.

Review: Under the Silver Lake

An hour in, you’ll find yourself constructing your own improbable theories about what’s really going on.

Review: After Midnight

“After Midnight” is amateurish horror, neither impressive nor offensive. At least there were no dolls or exorcisms.

Review: I Lost My Body

An 81-minute film can only contain so much dewy-eyed tragedy before it threatens to burst at the seams. Is there such a thing as an excess of charm?

Review: What Did Jack Do?

“What Did Jack Do?” is what you get from a director of limitless talent working on a very limited budget: an uncanny, unhinged, hilarious trifle. Not to be taken seriously, but not easily forgotten, either.

City council dismisses plan for public vote on new taxes

Cordova City Council has dismissed a plan to put most tax increases to a public vote. The plan, outlined by Councilman Ken Jones, would require a majority vote of the people to implement new or increased taxes, with a possible exception made for property taxes.



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