Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is the editor of The Cordova Times.

Recycled nets become sunglasses, socks, swimsuits

At its most recent fishing net recycling event, the Copper River Watershed Project collected about 2,000 pounds of netting.

School district seeks public input on relief funds

The Cordova School District has asked the public for input on how to spend about $200,000 in federal grant money for which the district may be eligible.

Renovations begin at public safety building

Police Chief Nate Taylor said the project is intended “just to make our building a little more appealing and a little less run-down-looking — to take a little bit of pride in it, to make it look nice.”

Ice age painting exhibit marries art and science

Would you rather go to an art show or a scientific exhibit? Why not both?

Land clearing begins for new science center campus

Land clearing has begun in preparation for the construction of Prince William Sound Science Center’s new campus.

Cordova needs doctors, teachers and police — but struggles to find room for them

Cordova’s limited housing makes it harder for all employers to attract specialized candidates from outside the community.

Grade schoolers learn programming with mini robots

Mt. Eccles Elementary School students learned the basics of programming using pingpong ball-sized robots.

City ends mask mandate

At a Wednesday, May 19 meeting, Cordova City Council voted unanimously to repeal most local COVID-19 rules, including a rule requiring the wearing of face coverings.

Church offers ‘DIY’ blessing kits for faithful fishermen

This year, the Rev. Michael Kim is offering a special service for COVID-conscious Catholics: a “do-it-yourself” kit that fishermen can use to bless their own boats and gear.

City council may end mask mandate at May 19 meeting

Cordova City Council will, at its Wednesday, May 19 meeting, consider repealing the city's mask mandate and relaxing its emergency public health rules.



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