Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is a reporter and photographer for The Cordova Times.

Windsocks give boost to struggling business

Windsocks decorated with designs inspired by Alaska Native art and U.S. Coast Guard heraldry have helped draw customers to a store suffering the business-slowing effects of the coronavirus.

SUV crash trial: Problems with audio evidence resolved

After five months, issues with audio evidence critical to the case of a Cordova man accused of manslaughter have been resolved.

Cordova’s 6th virus case was returning from Anchorage

Cordova’s sixth confirmed case of the novel coronavirus was a traveler returning from Anchorage, officials announced on the evening of Monday, July 5.

Fish-friendly culvert installed on Copper River Highway

The Copper River Highway became a little easier to travel on June 24 — for fish, that is. Construction crews replaced a narrow culvert running underneath the highway with a 20-foot-wide “box” culvert that will allow easy passage for migrating fish. Narrow, deteriorating culverts around the Copper River watershed have cut salmon off from miles of potential spawning habitat.

Cordova’s great Little photographer

You’ve seen his photos in your Facebook news feed, but you may not know much more about the photographer than his name, which appears stamped at the bottom-left corner of each picture.

Republican challenger takes aim at binding-caucus rule

“It is such a crime it’s unbelievable,” John Cox said. “I will not sign into a binding caucus: that is my promise. I will not give the vote of the people away to this criminal action.”

‘Stranded’ visitor made honorary emergency dispatcher

March 9, Jean Murray came to Cordova to spend four weeks with her daughter. Three months later, that four-week visit is still going on.

Review: You Should Have Left

Made with skill, if not inspiration, “You Should Have Left” is consistently engaging despite rarely from long-established haunted-house conventions.

Review: Olla

Director Ariane Labed leads us out onto a precipice and then leaves us there.

Cordova reports third, fourth COVID-19 cases

Cordova’s Medical Response Team identified two new cases of the novel coronavirus, the city announced Tuesday, June 23.



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