Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is the editor of The Cordova Times.

Salmon Jam ditches the ‘big top’

This year's Salmon Jam will include almost all of the events expected in pre-pandemic years, with one major difference: they'll no longer be centralized in one location.

Active COVID-19 case count climbs to 13

“We ask the community to be mindful that COVID is not yet over,” City Manager Helen Howarth said.

After virus delays, volunteers return to cemetery cleanup

In 2020, the annual Bill Hansen Jr. Pioneer Cemetery Cleanup was canceled for the first time in its then 10-year history. This year, with coronavirus restrictions lifted, volunteers returned to Cordova’s Pioneer Cemetery to clean up two years’ worth of plant growth.

Following 2020 shutdown, Little League returns with renewed vigor

“There was a great deal of pent-up energy and excitement to help get the kids out playing together and enjoying the outdoors,” said Cordova Little League President Dave Reggiani.

Cordova reports 5 new virus cases among unvaccinated residents

After more than one month with no new cases of the novel coronavirus, Cordova reported five new virus cases on Saturday, July 3.

Mystery helper repaints post office bollards

An unidentified person repainted four concrete bollards in the Cordova Post Office parking lot.

Fentanyl-laced street drugs reported in Cordova

Local health care providers have received reports of street drugs in Cordova containing the potent opioid fentanyl, according to an announcement by the city.

Recycled nets become sunglasses, socks, swimsuits

At its most recent fishing net recycling event, the Copper River Watershed Project collected about 2,000 pounds of netting.

School district seeks public input on relief funds

The Cordova School District has asked the public for input on how to spend about $200,000 in federal grant money for which the district may be eligible.

Renovations begin at public safety building

Police Chief Nate Taylor said the project is intended “just to make our building a little more appealing and a little less run-down-looking — to take a little bit of pride in it, to make it look nice.”



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