Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is a reporter and photographer for The Cordova Times.

Butterfly hunting — underwater?

“About 10 minutes ago, I looked outside and thought, ‘Oh, it’s raining,’” Caitlin McKinstry said. “I saw the raindrops hitting the surface of the harbor… But then I went outside for a second, and it’s not raining at all.”

CRWP unveils program for COVID-safe Salmon Jam

“With COVID, things change rapidly, daily — hourly, even,” said Kate Morse, program director for the Copper River Watershed Project. “Trying to find our own points to plan around, without having the target keep moving too much… It’s been a healthy exercise of our creative muscles, if you will.”

CDFU, CCMC partner to distribute salmon to seniors

Fishery and health care organizations have partnered to deliver salmon to Cordova seniors without exposing them to unnecessary coronavirus risk.

Review: The Wrong Missy

“The Wrong Missy” is a film that mistakes shouted improprieties for jokes and seeks comedy in episodes of sexual and violent behavior that are more unsettling than amusing.

Review: M

Eerie and threatening, “M” is a film less about individuals than about systems.

Contact tracing begins for infected fishery worker

“This is the reason that we have the intense screening effort that we’re doing,” Dr. Hannah Sanders said. “We want to identify cases before community members are exposed and before other processor employees are exposed. The process seems to be working… We’re going to continue testing and isolating.”

Cordova reports second COVID-19 case

Cordova’s Medical Response Team has reported a new case of the novel coronavirus.

Fundraiser will provide ‘anti-racist’ library books

“I was literally thinking that I might, with the help of a few friends and community members, get six or eight books on the shelves,” Bryan Mills said. “This is already way larger than I thought it would be.”

Undaunted by economic chaos, a new chiropractor sets up shop

NorthStar Alignment is planned to open its doors Tuesday, June 16 at the Pioneer Square building.

Black Lives Matter protests double in size

A Sunday, June 7 Black Lives Matter march drew twice as many participants as a march held the previous Sunday.



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