Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is the editor of The Cordova Times.

Review: Under the Silver Lake

An hour in, you’ll find yourself constructing your own improbable theories about what’s really going on.

Review: After Midnight

“After Midnight” is amateurish horror, neither impressive nor offensive. At least there were no dolls or exorcisms.

Review: I Lost My Body

An 81-minute film can only contain so much dewy-eyed tragedy before it threatens to burst at the seams. Is there such a thing as an excess of charm?

Review: What Did Jack Do?

“What Did Jack Do?” is what you get from a director of limitless talent working on a very limited budget: an uncanny, unhinged, hilarious trifle. Not to be taken seriously, but not easily forgotten, either.

City council dismisses plan for public vote on new taxes

Cordova City Council has dismissed a plan to put most tax increases to a public vote. The plan, outlined by Councilman Ken Jones, would require a majority vote of the people to implement new or increased taxes, with a possible exception made for property taxes.

Fire dept. received over $200K in grants in 2019

“In today’s world, we do more than just put out fires,” Fire and Police Chief Mike Hicks said. “As each year passes, the public relies on us more and more for emergency services to respond to more and more complex emergencies.”

Houston Republicans join Cordova in demanding rule changes

Republicans in Houston, Alaska are following Cordova’s lead in demanding changes to party rules.

Ferry rally livestreams to audience of thousands

Roughly 150 demonstrators gathered near the Cordova Ferry Terminal Tuesday, Feb. 11, urging the state to address its growing transportation crisis. The icy stretch of pavement may have seemed an out-of-the-way venue for a rally, but an online video stream operated by the Cordova Chamber of Commerce ensured the event was seen by thousands.

Gideon Freudmann: Writing new music for silent films

In his college days, cellist Gideon Freudmann loved to practice at sunset, improvising a soundtrack for the clouds as they changed shape in front of him. Since then, Freudmann has built a career composing soundtracks for motion pictures, both new releases and classics of the 1920s.

Iceworm Festival flourishes despite big freeze

The ice worm spends its life burrowing through glaciers, something this year’s Iceworm Festival participants may relate to. Snows that buried vehicles, threatened the Copper River Highway with avalanches and halted air travel made a complex event even more challenging for organizers to pull off.



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