Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is the editor of The Cordova Times.

Suppressed languages live on through Russian Orthodox ceremony

Anyone celebrating Christmas at St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Church receives a handout with hymns in Aleut and Church Slavonic, allowing them to sing along in these languages even if they don't understand them.

City: Leave faucets dripping to prevent freeze-ups

Four months after a water shortage had Cordovans skipping showers, the department of public works is advising residents to do the opposite. Leaving at least one tap in each residence dripping will help prevent pipes from freezing, says Samantha Greenwood, director of public works.

Koplin seeks accord with Dunleavy

“We want to have a positive working relationship,” says Mayor Clay Koplin. “We recognize he has his back against the wall, politically. We’ll give credit where credit’s due in the same way we share frustrations when we develop them.”
Mt. Eccles Elementary School students sewed conductive thread through felt fabric to create light-up bracelets. (Jan. 10, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Mt. Eccles students build light-up bracelets from scratch

Students were supplied with batteries, conductive thread, LEDs, needles and fabric. The one thing they weren’t given was an instruction manual.
Cordova Community Medical Center. (Dec 27, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

CCMC: Native Village of Eyak may purchase hospital within 6 months

If all goes well, Native Village of Eyak may purchase Cordova Community Medical Center within the next six months, says Greg Meyer, chair of the CCMC Board of Directors.
Councilman Ken Jones’s seat is one of two up for election March 3. (Dec 4, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

2 city council seats up for election March 3

Two city council seats will be up for election March 3. Cordova City Council Seats B and C are currently occupied by Councilmen Ken Jones and Jeff Guard, respectively.
Prince William Sound Science Center’s harborside facility. (Dec 27, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Science center eligible for $40,000 in matching donations

Prince William Sound Science Center will receive up to $40,000 in matching donations to help fund its new campus.

Review: Marriage Story

Here’s something rare: a film that shows wit without glibness, precision without contrivance and warmth without sentimentality.

Review: The Return

“The Return” is recommended for committed Russophiles and misery-addicts only.

Review: The Two Popes

This is another one of those movies that takes an array of marvelous ingredients — a rich and thought-provoking premise, two legendary actors, a beautiful setting (the Sistine Chapel!) — and combines them into something merely okay.



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