Cordova Chronicles: Wise money indeed

Deep in the recesses of the Cordova Museum, volunteer archivist Ira Grindle spends hours poring through old files and newspapers, converting them to digital format.

Cordova Chronicles: Take me out to the ball game

In this week's Cordova Chronicles, a short foray into Dick Shellhorn's long-running love of baseball.

Cordova Chronicles: Hunkering down, Pete Dahl-style

Cordovans know a thing or two about "hunkering down."

Cordova Chronicles: The lessons of self-isolation

Self-isolation is nothing new — after all, many Cordovans go to secluded cabins to get away from it all.

Cordova Chronicles: The ‘gam’ is on

If you start a game of Scrabble with Dick Shellhorn, be prepared for a volley of little-known, and high-scoring, nautical terms.

Cordova Chronicles: Dial 911 for toilet paper?

In this week's Cordova Chronicles, Dick Shellhorn contemplates that most valuable of commodities: TP.

Cordova Chronicles: Just when you think you’ve heard it all

Today's Cordova Chronicles delivers an unforgettable lesson about the importance of proper spelling.

Cordova Chronicles: Order in the court

In this week's Cordova Chronicles, one Cordovan learns the hard way what happens when you ignore a jury summons.

Cordova Chronicles: Through the Eyes of an Eagle

Scouting in Cordova has left behind a trove of inspiring and unexpected tales, writes Dick Shellhorn.

Cordova Chronicles: Farewell to Troop 624

After 50 years of remarkable success, Cordova Boy Scout Troop 624 is no more.



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