Cordova Chronicles: The amazing life of Henry Stewart, CHS class of 1937

Dick Shellhorn reflects on the life of an exemplary Cordovan.

Cordova Chronicles: A tribute to Cordova’s World War II veterans

A single flag flies on a unique plaque hidden in the archives of the Cordova Museum. Presented by the CHS Class of 1943, it is an amazing list of all the CHS graduates that served our country in WWII up through that year, accompanied by a photo of each.

Cordova Chronicles: The Mayor of Kiniklik

Dick Shellhorn reflects on the life of Cliff Alber, dubbed the Mayor of Kiniklik.

Cordova Chronicles: A strange centennial graduation

History is full of contradictions, and it seems like the further back one looks, the more there are.

Cordova Chronicles: A blast from the past

For Dick Shellhorn, one of the most rewarding aspects of writing Cordova Chronicles is the unexpected responses he receives from readers.

Cordova Chronicles: Wise money indeed

Deep in the recesses of the Cordova Museum, volunteer archivist Ira Grindle spends hours poring through old files and newspapers, converting them to digital format.

Cordova Chronicles: Take me out to the ball game

In this week's Cordova Chronicles, a short foray into Dick Shellhorn's long-running love of baseball.

Cordova Chronicles: Hunkering down, Pete Dahl-style

Cordovans know a thing or two about "hunkering down."

Cordova Chronicles: The lessons of self-isolation

Self-isolation is nothing new — after all, many Cordovans go to secluded cabins to get away from it all.

Cordova Chronicles: The ‘gam’ is on

If you start a game of Scrabble with Dick Shellhorn, be prepared for a volley of little-known, and high-scoring, nautical terms.



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