LA’s goose was cooked

One of the great things about sports is its unpredictability. Renowned playwright Neil Simon wrote, “Sports is the only entertainment where, no...

New cable installed at Mt. Eyak Ski Area

Installation of the 7,000-foot cable by Wilson Construction—with support from Mt. Eyak Ski Hill Manager Dave Branshaw, a crew of volunteers and...

Cruising down the river?

For many of us, cruising down the rivers and sloughs of the Copper River Delta is an inherent part of our Cordova...

Long as I remember, the rain’s been coming down

As rain continues to come down in endless variations, Cordovans have to be wondering when the precipitation is going to let up.

Crane of a different sort

Just as thousands of shorebirds banking in formation are a sure sign of spring, massive “V’s” of crane passing overhead are a...

A new “Only in Cordova”

It’s not difficult to make a list of “Only in Cordova” favorites—heck, that’s why many of us live here, and I have...

Coho sports fishing restricted

To protect coho salmon returns and ensure sport fishing opportunities in the future, the Alaska Department of Fish and Games (ADF&G), has...

Texans in Paradise

The temperature in Austin was 104 degrees when our daughter, Heidi, and grandkids, Huck and Liesl, arrived in Cordova in mid-June.

Cordova Chronicles: A Day to Remember

At 8 a.m. on Memorial Day, over 30 Cordovans gathered at the local cemetery in early morning sunshine to watch the stars and stripes hoisted to half-mast in honor of those who have given their lives while serving in our armed forces.

Cordova Chronicles: Fishing permitted

Another commercial fishing season is here, and the race is on to get those potentially lucrative “marker" sets. Back in the good old days, a series of signs designating where fishing was prohibited were placed on posts across the Copper River Flats or typically nailed to trees near various streams and bays on Prince William Sound.


Updates from CPD 01-09-2023 through 01-15-2023

The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between 01-09-2023 through 01-15-2023. Any charges reported in these press releases are...
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