Cordova Chronicles: Through the Eyes of an Eagle

Scouting in Cordova has left behind a trove of inspiring and unexpected tales, writes Dick Shellhorn.

Cordova Chronicles: Farewell to Troop 624

After 50 years of remarkable success, Cordova Boy Scout Troop 624 is no more.

Cordova Chronicles: You might want to check the oil

Dick Shellhorn shares a practical lesson in auto maintenance from his days with the U.S. Army in Korea.

Cordova Chronicles: ‘Cordova’s Cookin’,’ and much more

Who needs Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child when you've got "Cordova's Cookin'"?

Cordova Chronicles: Salty lines mean safer travels

In this week's installment of Cordova Chronicles, Dick Shellhorn investigates a series of strange marks that have appeared along the Copper River Highway.
The 1952-53 Cordova Wolverines, replete in repeating double-digit uniform numbers. Front row, from left, Roy Triber, Charles McCracken and Ted Siemion. Back row, from left, Frank Siemion, Stanley Makarka, Bob Maxwell and Jerry Olsen. Not shown: Martin Parsons and Ralph Fenner. CHS Annual photo

Cordova Chronicles: A fan for all ages

The game of basketball binds Cordova together, writes Dick Shellhorn.

Cordova Chronicles: The tide comes in and the tide goes out

Step aside, Dan Brown — Cordova's best-selling paperback is a real page-turner, writes Dick Shellhorn.

Cordova Chronicles: A Wish for 2020 — Civility

America's Founding Fathers appealed for civility and levelheadedness. As 2020 dawns, these virtues seem in short supply, writes Dick Shellhorn.

Cordova Chronicles: ‘Go, Dog. Go!’

Nov. 9, a Cordova driver was seen driving donuts in a parking lot. But, as Dick Shellhorn observes, such vehicular antics aren't limited to humans.
Brandon Maxwell, Sabin Landaluce, and John Banks (L-R) hanging a seine at LFS Marine Supplies on December 10, 2019. Photo by Dick Shellhorn/for The Cordova Times

Cordova Chronicles: A seine web Christmas tree

Santa's Elves aren't the only ones hard at work this Christmas season, writes Dick Shellhorn.



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