Cordova Chronicles: Comfort animals no longer the issue

Dick Shellhorn reflects on the chaos that unfolded in our nation's capital on Jan. 6.

Cordova Chronicles: When Wolves almost became Hoosiers

Basketball is king in Alaska, with young hoopsters from the smallest village to the largest metropolis dreaming of playing for a state title under the shining lights of Anchorage’s biggest arena.

Cordova Chronicles: A New Year’s resolution

There is sad irony in the fact that 20-20 is associated with perfect vision, for when we look back on the past year, it seems to be with anything but that.

Cordova Chronicles: A COVID Christmas

Dick Shellhorn writes: Normally we would have a packed house on Christmas morning, enjoying Swedish pancakes, pickled fish and famous Pete Dahl Snappies (a secret Bloody Mary concoction). Alas, this year only a very small bubble of family members will come, as pandemic numbers have soared to incredible heights.

Cordova Chronicles: Don’t let moose lick your car

The salt deposits come from road salt used on icy winter roads, which is splashed on the cars while driving in slushy conditions.

Cordova Chronicles: OSU, our hats are off to you

Back in 1972, when I began teaching at Cordova High, I was surprised to discover that many students did not know the CHS Fight Song, writes Dick Shellhorn in this week's Cordova Chronicles.

Cordova Chronicles: There goes the sun

As winter approaches, sunshine becomes a rare commodity in communities around Alaska.

Cordova Chronicles: Bridge names honor 4 Cordovans lost in Vietnam

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., lists the names of the 58,228 service men and women who fell while serving in Vietnam. On June 24, 2006, the “Moving Wall,” a half-size replica of that memorial had been traveling the United States since 1984, came to Cordova and stood on Hollis Henrichs Park for four days.

Cordova Chronicles: 3 bridge signs honor fallen WWII Cordovans

Three bridges on the Copper River Highway honor Cordovans who lost their lives in World War II. In a sad coincidence, two of them, Patrick Burchett and Norman Osborne, were classmates in the Cordova High School class of 1939.

Cordova Chronicles: Seven bridge signs honor fallen World War I Cordovans

Dick Shellhorn examines the World War I Veterans that bridges on the Copper River Highway are named after.



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