Cordova Chronicles: Coast Guard to the rescue

The Coast Guard motto is “Semper Paratus,” which means “always ready,” and they and their families are there to help and support Cordova in so many ways. Sometimes, that help comes in rather unique fashion.

Cordova Chronicles: What a hunter won’t do for a moose

Anyone who has tried to harvest a moose out on the Copper River Delta knows what a difficult challenge it is to spot the big critters in the ever-growing brush throughout its habitat.

Cordova Chronicles: News is where you find it

Finding inspiration for Cordova Chronicles stories isn't as difficult as you might think, writes Dick Shellhorn.

Cordova Chronicles: A rooftop full of memories

Dick Shellhorn unspools an epic tale of roofing his duck cabin.

Cordova Chronicles: A 4-page trip back in time

Perhaps nothing gives more insight into history than a newspaper from the past, so imagine the treasures held in a recently discovered copy of The Cordova Alaskan dated Saturday, Aug. 29, 1908.

Cordova Chronicles: Take me out to the ballgame — sort of

No one can say for sure if major league baseball can make it through a shortened 60 games schedule, but thanks to human ingenuity and a much-needed sense of humor, substitutes for fans are gradually packing the stadiums.

Cordova Chronicles: The case of a mysterious sound

This is a tale worthy of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Set in small Alaska town, it involves an unlikely cast of characters...

Cordova Chronicles: History is where you find it

History is where you find it — which is often right under your very nose.

Cordova Chronicles: The amazing life of Henry Stewart, CHS class of 1937

Dick Shellhorn reflects on the life of an exemplary Cordovan.

Cordova Chronicles: A tribute to Cordova’s World War II veterans

A single flag flies on a unique plaque hidden in the archives of the Cordova Museum. Presented by the CHS Class of 1943, it is an amazing list of all the CHS graduates that served our country in WWII up through that year, accompanied by a photo of each.



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