11 artistic ways to explore the world of fish, forest, fungus

Fungus Festival arts and crafts. The event, scheduled for Aug. 29-Sept. 1, will feature a variety of activities. Photo courtesy Cordova...

Sudden arts council closure leaves programs in limbo

“It’s like being a government in exile," said Ben Brown, chairman of the Alaska State Council on the Arts. "We’re definitely in uncharted territory here.”

Alaska Wildlife Troopers: Study regs, then enter field

“We’ll be checking in with hunters and keeping an eye out for violations of all types,” said Wildlife Troopers Col. Doug Massie. “One thing I can’t emphasize enough: before heading into the field, make sure you’re intimately familiar with the hunting regulations that apply to the areas and game species you plan to hunt.”

How high can you go?

Remember the limbo, that dance contest, where to the beat of music, participants try to slide under a continually lower bar, while not falling...

Saturday Market, 50th anniversary celebrations, basketball camp

Basketball camp, 50th anniversary celebrations and more in this week's Around Town events roundup.

Fungus among us: register for Fungus Festival now

The 13th annual Fungus Festival will take place from Aug. 30-Sept. 2. The event will showcase gourmet cooking from area, raising...

Reviving the Eyak language with fun and games

“I have never wanted to teach Eyak the way I was taught Latin,” linguist Guillaume Leduey said. "It always has to be fun — that’s been my motive for all these years… You learn faster when you play.”

Eyak language documentary wins festival honors

"If you cut the roots, the tree dies," director Vincent Bonnay said. "This is something that should last forever for the Eyak people, and it is still recovering… Language is not just words — it’s so much more.”

Cordova Chronicles: Deer Season Outlook is Good

The 2019 deer hunting season began on Aug. 1, and the outlook for success is good. The population of...

Thousands pack Salmonfest 2019 under warm, sunny skies

A weekend of fish, love and music, born of a desire of educate Alaskans about the importance of...



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