Cordova’s great Little photographer

You’ve seen his photos in your Facebook news feed, but you may not know much more about the photographer than his name, which appears stamped at the bottom-left corner of each picture.

Around Town: Fourth of July, virtual photo show, Cordova Rocks

Gear up for an Independence Bike Parade and other COVID-consious events coming up in Cordova.

For first time, arts council chooses 3 scholarship winners

Faced with three outstanding applications for its annual scholarship, Cordova Arts and Pageants chose not to choose, awarding scholarships to all three.

Wolverines basketball team earns academic award

The 2019-20 basketball season ended in disheartening manner for the CHS boys, with the 2A District playoffs in SuValley canceled late on Friday, March 13, due to the expanding coronavirus pandemic.

Migrating birds follow no shelter-in-place orders

Over the past week, thousands of visitors have arrived in Cordova. Though these new arrivals have flown in from as far away as Chile and Australia, few are observing social distancing rules as they crowd together in large groups around town. And don’t even ask them to put on masks.

Cordova Chronicles: Wise money indeed

Deep in the recesses of the Cordova Museum, volunteer archivist Ira Grindle spends hours poring through old files and newspapers, converting them to digital format.

Celebrate the 50th Earth Day with Earth Week Bingo

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we as a global community are facing two major crises. One of those is at the forefront of everyone’s mind – COVID-19, but the other crisis is a slowly building disaster and also demands our attention. And while we are still working through the challenges of preparing for a global pandemic there is hope that we have the ability to act in response to a changing climate. That’s why this year’s theme for Earth Day is Climate Action.

Cordova senior named 2A Player of Year

Christian Adams, a 6-3 Cordova Wolverine standout, was recently named Alaska 2A Player of the Year by the Alaska Association of Basketball Coaches.

Mario Kart replaces basketball as Cordova’s top sport

There are few sports that lend themselves to being played at a distance of 6 feet. Even tennis requires players to handle a ball that may have been touched by an opponent. That’s where the Cordova Mario Kart Tournament comes in.

When the congregation can’t congregate

Many people fear speaking in front of an audience. But what about speaking to an empty room?



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