Rock and fill for the Power Creek Project project came from the pit one mile out Whitshed Road, with 40 foot low-boy tractor-trailers making an average of eight trips per day throughout July and August 2019 to haul 29,000 yards of material to construction site. Photo by Dick Shellhorn/for The Cordova Times

Cordova Chronicles: Power Creek repairs completed on schedule

"These days, completion of construction projects on schedule seem to be a rarity," writes Dick Shellhorn. "Yet Cordova’s Wilson Construction did exactly that, wrapping up a $2 million repair job to the far end of Power Creek on Sept. 15."
This summer big ripe salmon berries were available everywhere for both bears and human berry pickers. Photo courtesy of Marleen Moffitt/for The Cordova Times

It’s been a very berry summer

It’s been a very berry summer, and in fact, that’s likely why it has not been a very bear-y summer.

How high can you go?

Remember the limbo, that dance contest, where to the beat of music, participants try to slide under a continually lower bar, while not falling...

Repairs underway on historic local road

A $2.3 million project to solve continuing flooding issues at the far end of Power Creek Road is underway.The narrow and...

When it comes to ferry cuts: Is it time to go jump off the...

Back in 1989, Cordova High School students held a dockside rally over cuts in ferry service that would have eliminated travel for activities.

A Memorial Day tribute to the tree fleet

For the past several months, the berth on the Coast Guard dock off the North Fill has been vacant. That’s because the USCG Cutter Sycamore left on Feb. 9 for a 44-day voyage that included stops in California and Mexico followed by passage through the Panama Canal enroute to the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, Maryland.

The gears will always be turning at Saddle Point Machinery Shop

Cordovans may have noticed the rapid construction of a large frame building on the North Fill beside Jim Poor Avenue. The 6,400-square-foot structure will be the new location of Rob Brown’s Saddle Point Machinery Shop

Orca Adventures, then and now

Nestled around the corner from Cordova, Orca Adventure Lodge is a shining example of what energy, creativity and perseverance can do.

No need for vigilantes or trailhead guards in Cordova

Oh my. Surprise, surprise. More headlines about crimes in Alaska’s biggest city are in the news. Is there a day that goes by without something bad happening in Anchor Town?

And the winners are … the geese and Cordovans

Inspired by Roy Srb’s Don Quixote-style battle against trash along the Copper River Highway, many years ago I joined the quest for the Impossible...



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