Shop local this holiday season

The coming holidays have presented the community with a fun and festive opportunity to support local businesses and revitalize our local economy.

Holiday dance performances begin tonight

Music and dance performances will be held on First Street Friday, Dec. 4, Friday, Dec. 11 and Friday, Dec. 18.

Cordova Chronicles: Bridge names honor 4 Cordovans lost in Vietnam

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., lists the names of the 58,228 service men and women who fell while serving in Vietnam. On June 24, 2006, the “Moving Wall,” a half-size replica of that memorial had been traveling the United States since 1984, came to Cordova and stood on Hollis Henrichs Park for four days.

Bob Ross exhibit visits Alaska for first time

“Bob Ross is enjoying a renaissance right now,” said Paula Payne, president of Cordova Arts and Pageants. “He’s coming back into fashion, I think because his message is so upbeat and positive and inspiring… It’s the perfect exhibit to have during COVID.”

Cordova Chronicles: 3 bridge signs honor fallen WWII Cordovans

Three bridges on the Copper River Highway honor Cordovans who lost their lives in World War II. In a sad coincidence, two of them, Patrick Burchett and Norman Osborne, were classmates in the Cordova High School class of 1939.

Less Sheridan Glacier means more ice to skate

For the first time in the history of skating on Sheridan Lake, locals were able to access the spectacular berg-filled area without having to hike 3/4 of a mile over rocky and brushy terrain.

Cordova Chronicles: Seven bridge signs honor fallen World War I Cordovans

Dick Shellhorn examines the World War I Veterans that bridges on the Copper River Highway are named after.

Cordova masks up for Halloween

"We might be seeing some new Cordova traditions being born this year," Pastor Mike Glover said.

Anchorage Museum exhibition features local artists

Four Cordova artists will be featured in the Anchorage Museum’s Alaska Biennial 2020 exhibition, running from Nov. 6 2020-April 4, 2021.

CRWP releases documentary

The Copper River Watershed project premiered “Upriver and Down, Salmon are Common Ground,” a documentary on the watershed environment.



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