Vivian Knop named Citizen of the Year

"There’s no way Cordova would have been as prepared as quickly as Cordova was without Vivian’s expert organizing and diligence," Tamara Russin said. "She’s a lot of fun to work with. She expects a lot out of us, and I think that she makes us all better people for it."

Adams steps down as CHS boys coach

After three years at the helm of the CHS boys basketball program, Bert Adams has stepped down, turning the reins over to his assistant, Jake Borst.

Cordova Chronicles: In praise of trumpeter swans

Dick Shellhorn writes: One of the pleasures of walking along Power Creek Road is hearing the melodious bugling of trumpeter swans. Over the past several years, it seems that more and more of the huge birds are opting to stay year-round, rather than migrate south with countless other species that make Alaska their summer breeding grounds.

A chat with Cordova’s meme master

For the past two months, an anonymously run Instagram account has posted memes poking fun at the conventions of Cordova life — from ordering takeout from The Powder House when you have perfectly good leftovers in the fridge, to the ongoing debate over police staffing.

Museum will host more local art shows

The coronavirus pandemic has meant fewer big art shows at Cordova Historical Museum. However, these scheduling gaps open up room for local art shows like “Quarantine Dreams,” showing at the museum gallery from Dec. 4-Jan. 30.

Cordova Chronicles: A COVID Christmas

Dick Shellhorn writes: Normally we would have a packed house on Christmas morning, enjoying Swedish pancakes, pickled fish and famous Pete Dahl Snappies (a secret Bloody Mary concoction). Alas, this year only a very small bubble of family members will come, as pandemic numbers have soared to incredible heights.

Cordova Chronicles: Don’t let moose lick your car

The salt deposits come from road salt used on icy winter roads, which is splashed on the cars while driving in slushy conditions.

A year without Sobriety Celebration

The Cordova Times sat down with Belen Cook, who coordinated Sobriety Celebration in 1998 and from 2002-2018, to discuss the importance of the event, and the challenges of making it happen.

Cordova Chronicles: OSU, our hats are off to you

Back in 1972, when I began teaching at Cordova High, I was surprised to discover that many students did not know the CHS Fight Song, writes Dick Shellhorn in this week's Cordova Chronicles.

Shop local this holiday season

The coming holidays have presented the community with a fun and festive opportunity to support local businesses and revitalize our local economy.



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