Project Appleseed takes root with marksmanship event

Over the Oct. 10-11 weekend, Cordovans received training in rifle marksmanship and learned about the opening skirmishes of the American Revolutionary War. The event was the first staged in Cordova by Project Appleseed, an apolitical nonprofit that combines firearms training and civic education.

Candles represent migrant children separated from parents

Volunteers lit 545 candles near Cordova Harbor as part of an art installation representing children who were separated from their parents after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

CCMC debuts online addiction support program

"When people are dealing with addiction, whether it’s their own or a family member’s, there’s a sense of isolation, of being cut off from other people," Barb Jewell said. "Support groups are intended to break down those barriers and isolation… to be connected to people who have had similar experiences, and to learn from each other."

Fungus Fest triples previous turnout

Gird-dova Virtual Fungus Fest, the first collaboration of its kind between Cordova Fungus Festival and Girdwood Fungus Fair, put an emphasis on digitally mediated activities and socially distanced foraging excursions.

Origami artist sells off stock of paper flowers

Fragile as they are, Ella Fish's origami flowers are more permanent than their natural counterparts.

Lateral Lines rock out, 6 feet apart

Anchorage-based band Lateral Lines will perform online at Cordova's Salmon Jam festival 7-8:30 p.m., Saturday, July 18.

Copper River Nouveau expands as it goes online

The July 12-18 Copper River Nouveau fundraiser will be the first carried out online, foregoing a traditional banquet and silent auction for livestreamed entertainment and an eBay-style electronic auction.

Salmon Jam shows off local talent via Twitch

“It’s a way to have more interactivity, because we’re not going to be jumping and bouncing on the dancefloor together,” said Copper River Watershed Project Program Director Kate Morse.

Cordova Chronicles: A tribute to Cordova’s World War II veterans

A single flag flies on a unique plaque hidden in the archives of the Cordova Museum. Presented by the CHS Class of 1943, it is an amazing list of all the CHS graduates that served our country in WWII up through that year, accompanied by a photo of each.

Cordova’s great Little photographer

You’ve seen his photos in your Facebook news feed, but you may not know much more about the photographer than his name, which appears stamped at the bottom-left corner of each picture.



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