Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat and Hussein Salameh Al-Sweilhiyeen in “Theeb.”

Review: Theeb

“Theeb” proves that the elemental can be more powerful than the epic.
Evan Peters and Sophie Turner in “Dark Phoenix.”

Review: Dark Phoenix

"Dark Phoenix" is not a great movie, or even an ambitious movie, but it is an entertaining movie.
Emmanuelle Devos in “Moka.”

Review: Moka

“Moka” is an eerie, poignant film that rejuvenates the revenge thriller by stripping it to its basics.
Mats Blomgren, Anna Åström and Isabelle Grill in “Midsommar.”

Review: Midsommar

"Midsommar" is a masterpiece of world-building and atmosphere.
Mark Hamill in “Child’s Play.”

Review: Child’s Play

“Child’s Play” rides the line between horror-comedy and outright comedy.
Ridley Scott in “Memory: The Origins of Alien.”

Review: Memory: The Origins of Alien

In space, no one can hear you yawn.

Review: The Cat o’ Nine Tails

When “The Cat o’ Nine Tails” was released on Blu-ray in 2012, Argento remarked that it was his worst film. Perhaps he was right, but "The Cat o' Nine Tails" will still satisfy any viewer with a craving for Hitchcock al giallo.
John Amplas in “Creepshow.”

8 delightful ’80s horror movies to stream

Eight '80s horror gems guaranteed to enliven your Halloween and to tide you over until the next season of "Stranger Things."
A still from “A Leaf is the Sea is a Theater.”

New York Film Festival: A Leaf is the Sea is a Theater

Jonathan Schwartz’s experimental short combines microscopic leaf-textures with jerkily animated images as from a children’s flipbook.

New York Film Festival: Receiver

Dale Peck memorably described the novel “Infinite Jest” as “bloated, boring, gratuitous and — perhaps especially — uncontrolled.” Even at 15 minutes, “Receiver” achieves something similar.



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