Fish Factor: Young fishermen get financial help to buy into longline fisheries

More young Alaskans are officially among the next generation of professional fishermen and ocean stewards to hail from Cordova, Haines, Homer, Ketchikan and Sitka.

2020 proved well below average for PWS salmon

Commercial salmon harvesters had a challenging year in Prince William Sound, with the abundance of fish and the estimated value well below average, state fisheries officials confirmed in their season summary.

Ecosystem-based management helps Bering Sea fisheries battle climate change

A new NOAA Fisheries study on the Eastern Bering Sea concludes that ecosystem-based fisheries management has proven an effective tool to date and may help ensure sustainable fisheries under climate change for the near term.

PWS humpy, coho harvests rise in early September

Harvests of pink and coho salmon in commercial fisheries boosted the Prince William Sound commercial catch to 24.7 million fish through Tuesday, Sept. 8, as the wind-down of the 2020 season continued.

PWS coho, chum, sockeye harvests still rising

Even as the 2020 season is winding down, the catch of coho, chum and sockeye salmon is rising in Prince William Sound.

PWS harvest season nears a wrap with some 24 million fish

Seine fisheries in Prince William Sound are about to wrap up for the season, with humpy harvests still well below forecast, and the overall preliminary commercial salmon harvest compiled by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at just under 24 million fish.

PWS humpy catch rises to 20M+ fish

Overall harvests of pink salmon in Prince William Sound rose to 20.3 million fish as of Wednesday, Aug. 19.

PWS harvest nears 19M salmon

Purse seine and drift gillnet harvests of salmon continue in earnest this week in Prince William Sound, where the overall harvest has jumped from 11.2 million to 20.5 million salmon in a week, including some 17.6 million humpies.

Humpy harvest in PWS surges to exceed 12M fish

Harvests of over 9 million pink salmon over the past week have pushed Alaska’s yearly total to over 25 million fish, including upwards of 12 million humpies caught in Prince William Sound.

Cordova urges state to declare fishery disaster

Wednesday, Aug. 5, Cordova City Council voted unanimously to encourage the state to declare an economic disaster in Cordova.



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