NPFMC wrestles with crab crisis

Commercial crab crews normally embarked on the Bristol Bay red king crab fishery are on the docks this October, with their fishery closed due to lack of sufficient stocks.

Seeding the first commercial kelp farms in Prince William Sound

Local families, organizations, businesses, and individuals are pulling together to get kelp farming off the ground in the traditional territories of the Eyak, Alutiiq/Sugpiaq, and Tlingit Nations, commonly known as Prince William Sound. Here, mariculture is truly a grassroots effort that will benefit the entire community and the region.

Net Your Problem recycling reaches 1M pounds

Four years after former North Pacific groundfish observer Nicole Baker got inspired to find a way to recycle fishing nets from Unalaska she’s already reached one million pounds of recycled fishing gear and looking for more.

PWS harvests exceed 69M salmon

Late season harvesters were still pulling in coho salmon in Prince William Sound in mid-September, with the preliminary Alaska Department of Fish...

Seine season brings ‘bright light’ to struggling fleet

In a year when the fishery was shut down for 16 days, inflicting economic pain on gillnetters, the seine season proved a bright light overall for commercial salmon harvesters, said Chelsea Haisman, executive director of Cordova District Fishermen United.

NN Cannery wins national recognition

A 131-year-old cannery on the shoreline of South Naknek in Bristol Bay has been named to the National Register of Historic Places.

Prince William Sound harvest tops 67M salmon

Commercial harvesters wished they could have had more fishing time at the beginning of the season, but by the end of the year it certainly wasn’t a disaster, said Chelsea Haisman, executive director of Cordova District Fishermen United.

182 PWS proposals slated for Board of Fisheries meeting

Proposals on topics ranging from optimum escapement goals for for Chinook salmon in the Copper River to a community subsistence salmon permit are on the table for the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting Nov. 30-Dec. 6 in Cordova.

Prince William Sound catch jumps to 35.7M fish

Commercial harvests in Prince William Sound have reached over 35.7 million fish, including nearly 32 million pink salmon, up by over 5 million fish from a week earlier, according to the state’s latest preliminary commercial harvest reports.

Humpy deliveries jump to 23.3M fish

Prince William Sound's humpy catch rose to 23.3 million fish, up from 16.6 million.



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