Cordova’s Tom Carpenter joins Alaska Board of Fisheries

In Alaska Board of Fisheries meetings beginning this fall and for the next three years, Cordova’s own Tom Carpenter, a veteran commercial harvester, will be on board to give the board a fresh perspective on an area that the board hasn’t had in decades.

Jerry McCune retires as board chairman of Cordova District Fishermen United

Jerry McCune has retired as chairman of the board of Cordova District Fishermen United after 32 years with the historic fishermen’s advocacy group, and members will vote on Tuesday, May 24, on future leadership of CDFU.

Second opener for Copper River District set by ADF&G

A second 12-hour opener for the Copper River District commercial salmon fishery was set for Thursday, May 19, by biologists from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Cordova, despite concerns of some harvesters over icy water conditions and a slow sockeye salmon run.

NPFMC wants more information on decline in king crab stocks

Two decades into the decline of Bristol Bay red king crab, with stocks now too low for a commercial fishery, the fight continues at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council over what protections to take for the crab in danger and how soon to do it.

Fifth vessel joins 2022 Pan-Pacific winter high seas expedition

A fifth vessel has joined the fleet for the 2022 Pan-Pacific Winter High Seas Expedition, the latest major research effort of the International Year of the Salmon, to learn more about the lives of salmon during the marine phase of their life history during winter in the North Pacific Ocean.

Additional H-2B visas will help fill fishing, tourism jobs

A federal decision to allow 35,000 additional H-2B nonagricultural worker visas for the second half of fiscal year 2022 visas is expected to help fill Alaska jobs in commercial fisheries and the tourism industry, says Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.

Dockside exams set for April 22-27 in Cordova

Area residents can sign up now for free dockside exams for commercial fishing vessels and uninspected passenger vessels April 22-27 in Cordova.

Navy announced change in Gulf Alaska training activities

Navy officials have prepared a supplement to the December 2020 Gulf of Alaska Navy training plan known as Exercise Northern Edge.

Trade war, COVID and now Ukraine invasion eat into Alaska seafood sales

First a trade war, then a battle against an infectious virus and now a real war are all affecting Alaska seafood exports. Shipments to China fell from as high as 30% of Alaska’s total seafood export value in the 2010s to 20% in 2020. “The U.S.-China trade war has displaced $500 million of Alaska seafood,” Jeremy Woodrow, executive director of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, told legislators last week.

Fish Factor: Halibut, sablefish and Tanner crab fisheries underway

March means more fishing boats are out on the water with the start of the Pacific halibut and sablefish (black cod) fisheries on March 6, followed by Alaska’s first big herring fishery at Sitka Sound. A Tanner crab fishery kicked off on March 1 at Prince William Sound with a 61,800-pound catch limit. It could run through March 31 unless the quota is taken earlier.


CPD dispatch report – May 15, 2023 through May 21, 2023

The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between May 15, 2023 through May 21, 2023. Any charges reported in...
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