Testing reveals occasional virus transmission, but no outbreak

Though Cordova continues to report occasional cases of the novel coronavirus, officials have not identified any clusters of cases. However, even an ostensibly low level of virus transmission is reason for caution, officials said.

12th virus case was spread through community contact

Sunday, July 26, officials reported a new case of the novel coronavirus believed to have been spread through community contact.

Shags Hair Studio to shut its doors

“I’ve done it all,” says April Horton. “I jumped in, both feet, and It’s been very rewarding. I’ve built some amazing friendships, and I will miss those, and all the support and love this town has shown me."

Cordova lags state in census response

“Some of the processes have gotten a little more challenging with the pandemic, and this is one of them,” Mayor Clay Koplin said. “But challenges like the pandemic are exactly why it’s important to properly count the population. Whether it’s test kits or personal protective equipment or the number of people working in critical industries, all those pieces are important.”

11th virus case is non-resident

Officials reported Cordova’s 11th case of the novel coronavirus Thursday, July 23.

All 10 virus cases have recovered

All 10 identified local cases of the novel coronavirus have recovered. No new local cases of the virus have been reported since July 10.

At Cordova Gear, personal shopper service courtesy of COVID

Cordova Gear has so far avoided laying off any of its employees, and owner Natasha Casciano remains optimistic about the future.

CDV Mex Food turns a profit while stepping up social distancing

“Things have been really nice and steady,” Kristy Andrew said. “This business has done extremely well, and I think it has to do with the measures we’ve taken for social distancing."

City adopts revised virus alert system

Cordova City Council unanimously adopted a revised system for coordinating local response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Cordova reports 9th, 10th virus cases

Cordova’s medical response team reported two new cases of the novel coronavirus Friday, July 10. These cases were travel-related, according to a release by the city.



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