Surveys of highway damage resume after COVID delays

A project to identify infrastructure problems on the Copper River Highway is back on track after the coronavirus pandemic delayed surveying work during 2020.

$50K needed to replace historic church’s moss-eaten roof

With its moss-covered roof, St. George's Episcopal Church looks as quaint and cozy as a hobbit-hole. Unfortunately, the moss that adds to the church’s rustic charm is also causing its roof to deteriorate.

Voter turnout 23% over average

Voter turnout in the 2021 Cordova General Election was up about 23% compared to average turnout over the previous 10 years.

Police chief returns from administrative leave

Police Chief Nate Taylor returned to work Monday, March 8. Taylor will spend the next four months under the mentorship of a retired Alaska police chief arriving from outside Cordova.

666-ballot election yields few surprises

City council, school board and hospital board incumbents all kept their seats in the vigorously contested Tuesday, March 2 Cordova General Election.

Police chief who failed to quarantine linked to virus outbreak

"It was a serious lapse in judgment," City Manager Helen Howarth said. "Our daycares are closed. We have public facilities down. We’re back in a place we never wanted to be… I apologize on behalf of the city for the actions of one of our employees. I’m horrified and dismayed, and every other sad word that I can think of."

What is Proposition 2, anyway?

Proposition 2, which will appear on the ballot for the March 2 Cordova General Election, has left some voters scratching their heads. “Who writes this kind of stuff?” one Cordovan commented. “I’m voting against it because I can’t understand what they’re saying.”

After decades of use, these machines are ready for the dump

"They’re good pieces of equipment, but that loader is past its usable life," refuse superintendent Aaron Muma said. "It’s just barely hanging on."

Who will shape the future of our schools?

On March 2, seven candidates will vie for two seats on the Cordova School Board. Get to know the candidates with The Cordova Times's expanded Q&A series.

Andrew Broders, ‘adventure-loving’ fisherman, dies in plane crash

"In my 35 years on this earth with him, I never heard him once say a mean or negative thing to anyone," said Nick Carr, Broders's cousin. "If he thought that someone needed help, he would offer it."



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