Former chief warns of ‘witch hunt’ against police

"My view of this whole thing is that it is turning into a witch hunt directed at the police department by a few individuals," wrote Mike Hicks, former Cordova police chief and current Cordova fire chief. “This needs to end now. It will destroy your police department."

City prepared to reduce mask rules by June 9

“We’re moving forward toward that day when we’re going to say, ‘No more masks,’” City Manager Helen Howarth said.

Flushed disinfectant wipes clog sewer pumps

As the production of disinfectant wipes has increased, so has the number of wipes clogging up Cordova’s sewer system.

City council may end mask mandate at May 19 meeting

Cordova City Council will, at its Wednesday, May 19 meeting, consider repealing the city's mask mandate and relaxing its emergency public health rules.

City ends mask mandate

At a Wednesday, May 19 meeting, Cordova City Council voted unanimously to repeal most local COVID-19 rules, including a rule requiring the wearing of face coverings.

Update: City raises virus alert level following outbreak

The city of Cordova raised its public health alert level Monday, July 12.

City employees must vaccinate or take weekly COVID-19 tests

Beginning Sunday, Aug. 1, the city of Cordova will require all its employees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or to be tested weekly for the virus.

Forum on substance abuse set for Sept. 14

A panel discussion on the impact of drugs and alcohol on Cordova is scheduled for 5:30-7 p.m Tuesday, Sept. 14 at the Cordova Center.

City will hold public forum on vaccinations Sept. 8

A public forum on the topic of COVID-19 and vaccinations is scheduled for 5-6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 8 at the Cordova Center.

Officials answer tough questions on drugs and addiction

"When somebody who’s using casually, or even heavily, ends up with a problem… they stop using," Dr. Brian Iutzi said. "They put it down. They don’t pick it back up. The problem with addiction is, there’s a certain percentage of people out there that are unable to put it down, even if it’s killing them."



Law & Order: June 13-19

The following is a summary of incidences that occurred or were reported to the Cordova Police Department June 13 through June 19, 2022. Defendant(s) are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
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