Police chief who failed to quarantine linked to virus outbreak

"It was a serious lapse in judgment," City Manager Helen Howarth said. "Our daycares are closed. We have public facilities down. We’re back in a place we never wanted to be… I apologize on behalf of the city for the actions of one of our employees. I’m horrified and dismayed, and every other sad word that I can think of."

What is Proposition 2, anyway?

Proposition 2, which will appear on the ballot for the March 2 Cordova General Election, has left some voters scratching their heads. “Who writes this kind of stuff?” one Cordovan commented. “I’m voting against it because I can’t understand what they’re saying.”

After decades of use, these machines are ready for the dump

"They’re good pieces of equipment, but that loader is past its usable life," refuse superintendent Aaron Muma said. "It’s just barely hanging on."

Who will shape the future of our schools?

On March 2, seven candidates will vie for two seats on the Cordova School Board. Get to know the candidates with The Cordova Times's expanded Q&A series.

Andrew Broders, ‘adventure-loving’ fisherman, dies in plane crash

"In my 35 years on this earth with him, I never heard him once say a mean or negative thing to anyone," said Nick Carr, Broders's cousin. "If he thought that someone needed help, he would offer it."

2 men charged after drug dog noses out meth

“Eyak’s a good dog,” said Officer Cameron Hayden.

‘Saturday Soup’ serves up Mexican meatballs, goat chili

“We’ve been having our potlucks at the church for 30-something years, and this is just an extension of that,” Pastor Steve Leppert said.
From left: Superintendent Alex Russin and Peter Hoepfner at a special meeting of the Cordova School District Board of Education. (Aug. 27, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Unprecedented 7 candidates run for school board

“I’m so excited — really, truly!” school board president Barb Jewell said. “I’m excited that this many people are interested and paying attention to education in Cordova.”

Minor quake leaves Cordova shaken, not stirred

A Monday, Jan. 25 earthquake resulted in no reports of injury or property damage around Cordova, emergency services officials said.

280-dose shipment of heroin seized

Packages of heroin and methamphetamine were recently seized on their way into Cordova.



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