Letter to the Editor: Masking helps keep students in the classroom

The safest and most responsible way to return kids to school buildings is with a mask, writes Debra Adams.

Letter to the Editor: Let’s leave it up to parents

It's time to return to respecting privacy and choice in Cordova's schools and in the community at large, writes Lisa DeLaet.

Letter to the Editor: A call to civil disobedience

Any students who choose to defy the school district's mask-wearing rules must do so in a peaceable and respectful way, writes local Republican Party precinct leader William Deaton.

Letter to the Editor: Mandatory masking protects students

Required masking at school protects not just students but the community at large, writes student council member Mhikee Gasmen.

Letter to the Editor: City vax-or-test policy is tyranny

The city's new policy requiring employees to vaccinate or test for COVID-19 is an act of medical tyranny, writes Katie Jo Roemhildt.

Letter to the Editor: Does Cordova really spend 31% of its budget on schools?

Cordova Board of Education President Barb Jewell asks readers to take a second look at budget information published by the city.

Letter to the Editor: Hats off to the Salmon Runs volunteers

Alaska Salmon Runs race coordinator Kristin Carpenter thanks the volunteers who helped make this year's event possible.

Letter to the Editor: A plea for caution

Choosing to get vaccinated, to wear a mask in public and to take other small steps can help end Cordova's 51-case COVID-19 outbreak, writes City Manager Helen Howarth.

Letter to the Editor: Support the arts — get vaccinated!

The only way for Cordova to enjoy a full array of live performances and movie screenings is for audiences to get vaccinated, writes Paula Payne, president of Cordova Arts and Pageants.

Letter to the Editor: A tribute to Zak Jacobs

Riki Ott shares an anecdote about recently deceased Cordova resident Zak Jacobs.



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