Letter to the Editor: Protect your friends and neighbors

Cordova must work together to survive the coronavirus pandemic, writes Nancy Bird.

Letter to the Editor: Andrew Broders will be missed

Andrew Broders was an honest, cheerful and kind man, writes Nick Carr.

Letter to the Editor: Vivian Knop sets the standard

Citizen of the Year Vivian Knop has worked to help Cordova not only as a health care professional, but also as the organizer of events that benefit the entire community, writes Laurie Phillips.

Letter to the Editor: ICHC keeps schools COVID-safe

The Cordova Education Association thanks Ilanka Community Health Center for vaccinating teachers and school staff.

Letter to the Editor: Alaska Senate follows the lead of Cordova Republicans

The political engagement of Cordova Republicans helped galvanize Alaska Senate opposition to the binding-caucus rule, writes William Deaton.

Letter to the editor: A full and complete explanation on Kevin Clarkson

A letter authored by 33 Alaskans requests Gov. Dunleavy issue an explanation of former Attorney General Kevin Clarkson's behavior leading up to his resignation.
The Cordova Center. (Dec. 23, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Letter to the Editor: Declare your candidacy by Feb. 1

If you want to help the community, run for one of the board positions currently up for election, writes Barb Jewell.

Letter to the Editor: Who let the beast out?

President Donald Trump has spent the past four years undermining public faith in democracy, writes Andrew Smallwood.

Get ready — the Iceworm cometh

Iceworm Festival 2021 is on its way! Here are a list of ways you can help make this year's celebration a reality.

Letter to the Editor: Recommitting to the public process

Mayor Clay Koplin reassesses his decision to sign a public letter supporting an audit of the presidential election, and reflects on his duties as mayor.



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