Photo of the Week: Oven fresh bear claws

 Theresa Carte, owner/baker of the Little Cordova Bakery, made these delicious bear claw pastries last week. The TLC Bakery will have a new menu up for the month of September. Stop by the bakery and see what’s cookin’! Do you have a great photo of the area you’d like to see as the “Photo of the Week”? If so,...

Down on Main Street

Cordova’s Main Street buildings are colorful and charming. Fall is around the corner as the daylight hours get shorter by 6 minutes a day right now. The sun rises at 6:55 a.m. Friday, Sept. 9 in Cordova and sets at 8:23 p.m.

Blue skies over Eyak Lake

Eyak Lake is serene under blue skies last week. Forecasters say to expect rain and temps in the 50s into the weekend and beginning of next week.

PWSRCAC meet and greet

The Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council met with Cordova residents Sept. 15, during a meet and greet event at the Cordova Center.

Shooting into the sun

Do you have a great photo of the area you’d like to see as the “Photo of the Week”? If so, share your photo with The Cordova Times! All photos should be 1MB or larger, high resolution files. Please submit original work and a caption to go with your photo. Send your photos to:

Moose on the loose

With hunters out all over Alaska at the start of the moose-hunting season, this was one wise young moose who chose to show up on the Parks Highway south of Cantwell, in a state park area closed to hunting. After watching vehicles heading north to Fairbanks and south to Anchorage for a little while, the moose slipped back into...

Talking crow

This crow was watchful and vocal as it hung out on the railing next to the Main Street sidewalk – perhaps trying to keep the gorgeous view all to himself.

Sportfishing in Orca Inlet

Sport fishing for Coho salmon in Orca Inlet last Sunday.

Harbor sunset

A late September sunset captured from the shore below the Reluctant Fisherman Inn, overlooking Cordova’s boat harbor.

Cordova Girl Scouts: Planning for adventure

Cordova Girl Scouts Ria Smyke, Andrea Vargas, Faith Collins and Aubrey Quinn show off a dragon head with leader Anita Smyke Oct. 22. The scouts held a rummage sale at Mt. Eccles Elementary School, hoping to raise enough funds to travel to the United Kingdom and Switzerland. From the looks of things, all types of interesting items were donated...
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