Sheridan Glacier in the afternoon on March 13

Photos form Sheridan Glacier in mid-March: It was overcast and cold, then started to drizzle while traversing the thick ice. It was tranquil out on the frozen water.

Photo of the Week: May 6, 2022

Spring break-up in the north arm of Eyak Lake, taken in mid-April.

Photo of the week

Caption: Cordovan Toni Perry recently spotted a Wild Alaska Salmon-themed Alaska Airlines plane. From Toni: “Hardworking fishermen and fisherwomen and the next generation at their best.” Photo by Toni Perry

Our frozen planet

Sheridan Glacier never disappoints with its stunning shades of luminescent blues. Remnants of the last ice age, this glacier provides a wintery playground for all. Photos by Amanda Williams, for the Cordova Times.

Photo of the week

The sun sets, displaying rich pink and purple hues as the moon rises above the snowcapped mountains on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023 in Cordova. Photo by Amanda Williams, The Cordova Times
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