KSM MINE - Canadian prospect worries Southeast fishermen

Canadian government officials have released an environmental assessment which concludes that a proposed mitigation measure for a large open pit mine [...]

PRICES HOLDING - Statewide salmon harvest tops 71 million fish

Statewide commercial harvests of wild salmon rose above 71 million fish on July 22, including nearly 29 million salmon in Bristol Bay, but Copper [...]

MINE LIMITS - EPA proposes restrictions on Pebble project

A proposal issued July 18 by the Environmental Protection Agency would restrict mining activity in the salmon-rich Bristol Bay watershed, where a [...]

CLEAN WATER ACT - House legislation attacks EPA authority

Legislation now before Congress to limit authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to deny or restrict use of a defined area for specific [...]

HARVEST GROWS - Bristol Bay salmon harvest tops 28 million fish

Commercial salmon harvests have topped 28 million fish in Bristol Bay and 23 million fish in Prince William Sound, and the preliminary statewide [...]

OCEAN ACIDIFICATION - Effects of melting glaciers are part of PWS research

Ocean scientists who have been studying Prince William Sound for the past five years are hoping to determine by fall the maximum distribution of [...]


A woman who suffered a head injury aboard the Alaska Marine Highway's ferry Kennicott was medevaced from the vessel via a Coast Guard helicopter on [...]

REMOTE JOB WITH A PURPOSE - A look into life at the ADFG Miles Lake site, where a team of three technicians run a sonar system to count salmon escapement

As the Copper River flows into Miles Lake, it becomes sandwiched by two glaciers and forced through a thin bottleneck where three men monitor a series [...]

WALT PARKER - A giant in Alaska's history

Walt Parker, a passionate conservationist who played a major role in the footprint of transportation and environmental protection in Alaska\'s [...]

CAPSIZED - Coast Guard rescues four fishermen at Port Valdez

Four crewmembers aboard the capsized seine fishing vessel Elohim were rescued by crew aboard the fishing vessel Infinite Grace on July 4, and [...]

INTERVENTION - King Cove residents welcome state's motion

The state of Alaska has filed a motion to intervene in support of the city of King Cove and other plaintiffs seeking to force reconsideration of a [...]

CHINOOK NEWS - State issues new report on king salmon

Major issues surrounding Chinook salmon in Alaska are the focus of a new online newsletter announced June 20 by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game [...]

A HIT AT ASPEN - Copper River salmon draws crowds in Colorado

When it came to samples of smoked Copper River salmon, the illuminati of the restaurant world apparently couldn\'t get enough during the 2014 Food and [...]

THE SMOKEMASTER - After dedicating a lifetime to building a globally successful Alaska seafood company, Bill Bailey of Copper River Seafoods prepares to return to what he loves: just fishing on the Copper River flats.

On the day of statehood, July 7, 1958, 14-year old Bill Bailey III hooked into a 26 lb Dolly Varden, which he says he landed, even after it broke his [...]

HARVEST GROWS - Copper River sockeye run is well ahead of forecast.

[i][Ed. note: This story was updated Wed. 6-25 at 10:46 a.m.][/i] Peak harvests may be over for the Copper River District, but that run is way ahead [...]

ALEUTIAN QUAKE - 8.0 quake hits Western Aleutians

An earthquake measured at 8.0 by seismologists at the National Tsunami Warning Center shook the western end of the Aleutian Islands early on the [...]

FISHERY PEAKS - PWS harvest climbs to nearly 2 million salmon

Copper River\'s drift fishery has peaked, with a harvest of 1.4 million salmon, the bulk of them sockeyes, and most of the fleet has moved to the [...]

VOICE OF RURAL ALASKA - Energy, economy and AMHS similar themes as candidate for state House visits Yakutat

Traveling to Yakutat on the heels of her visit to Cordova, candidate for the Alaska State House of Representatives, Carol Austerman, says that the [...]

LIFE ON THE SEA - Adventuring Swiss family leaves Cordova, their first home in over a decade, for the Northwest Passage

Dario Schworer got his first taste of Alaskan hospitality when he, his wife Sabine and their four young children arrived sea-weary in the Aleutians on [...]

'IMPERMISSIBLE GIFTS' - Young fined by House Ethics Committee

Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, has been fined nearly $60,000 by the House Ethics Committee for inappropriate use of campaign money and for accepting [...]