Commentary: A need for constitutional wisdom

The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol reflects an urgent need for education about the U.S.'s constitutional system, write Alaska’s James Madison Fellows.

Better Business Bytes: Confused about your stimulus check? Scammers sure hope so.

With discussions of a third stimulus check beginning to take shape, uncertainty associated with those payments may be getting one more boost. If you’re a scammer, that should be great news.

Commentary: Natural gas strengthens Alaska’s self-reliance

A new natural gas line will provide clean, affordable energy and create thousands of construction jobs for Alaskans, writes Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Commentary: Alaska newspapers fail to correct biggest financial distortion in state history

Dermot Cole writes: Nearly every newspaper in Alaska printed a press release in December from Gov. Mike Dunleavy that contains the biggest financial distortion in the history of Alaska. He overstated the 2020 earnings of the Alaska Permanent Fund by $7 billion for self-serving and short-term political purposes, the kind of thinking that will lead to a dissipation of the fund’s assets.

Celebrating Bodhi Day

For Buddhists, Dec. 8 is a day of remembrance and meditation, much like Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on Dec. 25.

Christmas Contemplation: Christmas is forever

Christmas is a time to come together and support one another, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

Christmas Contemplation: Let’s usher in a bright and peaceful 2021

After a sometimes dark and divisive 2020, let's welcome the new year with a renewal of understanding and forgiveness, writes Pastor Mike Glover.

Christmas Contemplation: An eternal hope

Jesus takes his place among us no matter how difficult our circumstances are, writes Father Michael Kim.

Christmas Contemplation: What Child is this?

The holiday season is a time to reflect on Jesus's birth and life, writes Pastor Steve Leppert.

Dunleavy: We must chart a path forward

Gov. Dunleavy writes: I am proposing we utilize just over half of this year’s growth to address the 100-year crisis before us. This will allow for distribution of the remaining portion of the 2020 PFD along with a full PFD in 2021, providing nearly $5,000 in relief to every qualified Alaskan.



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