Chugach Corner: PWS Resource Advisory Committee is accepting proposals

The Prince William Sound Resource Advisory Committee is accepting project proposals for review and consideration for funding for Fiscal Year 2022.

Commentary: Cordova 4H Music Camp goes virtual

Cordova 4H Music Camp announces a revised program of events, featuring coronavirus-safe online music activities.
Alaska State Capitol Building

Commentary: Alaska’s fiscal crisis—and a proposed solution

Without a change, Alaska's Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve Account and Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund would both be empty within seven years, writes Cliff Groh.

Commentary: Dunleavy’s half-baked 50-50 plan

Gov. Mike Dunleavy's ill-conceived plan for a bigger PFD shows a lack of leadership, writes Scott Kendall.

Commentary: The state betrays Alaska students

Gov. Mike Dunleavy and the Alaska Legislature are holding higher education hostage, writes Pete Hoepfner.

Business Spotlight: Cordova Gear puts its best foot forward

Business Spotlight is an ongoing series of local business profiles contributed by the Cordova Chamber of Commerce. This Business Spotlight features a Q&A with Natasha Casciano, owner of outdoor sports store Cordova Gear.

Chugach Corner: Eyak River Trail update and staying safe this holiday

The Cordova Ranger District trail crew have spent the past few weeks rigorously constructing 600 feet of new step-and-run boardwalk along Eyak River Trail, netted with recycled seine nets from the local fishing fleet for improved traction in our temperate rainforest environment.

Commentary: The cost of inaction on chemical contamination

The Alaska Legislature has failed to adequately protect citizens from the dangers of water contamination, writes Pam Miller.

Better Business Bytes: Tips for booking a short-term vacation rental

"We’re seeing the biggest travel rebound in nearly a century," said Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb. "We’re already back to 2019 levels."

Commentary: Salmon Jam 2021 brings musical guests

This year, Cordova is easing back into larger gatherings with a Copper River Salmon Jam staged as a "concert in the park."



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