Burton: Don’t let blood quantum erase my culture

I am just under the quarter blood quantum, which by government interpretation makes me not Native. Growing up my mom instilled in me to never let someone tell me that I am "not Native enough," said Kiley Burton. The Cordova teen gave the youth keynote at this Year's Elder's & Youth Conference.

Commentary: It’s time to restore the state income tax

John Havelock writes: Alaskans are way overdue in recognizing that state government is not free and that the costs must be met by revenue from the state’s economy. Oil revenue hid this requirement for a generation, but oil can never do the job alone.

Commentary: Follow the money, vote yes on Prop 1

Editorial cartoonist Chuck Legge is in favor of Ballot Measure 1. He writes, "We've already trimmed way past the fat and are scraping bone marrow. Ask the folks in Cordova how they like the new ferry schedule."

Commentary: Community action for a cleaner Kotsina

With help from volunteers and community organizations, five truckloads of car parts, styrofoam and other debris were removed from the Kotsina River.

Commentary: Rise up and work together

Now is the time for Cordovans to join together and help one another, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

Commentary: Seeing with 2020 vision

During a vitriolic election season, what's ultimately most important for Cordova is maintaining our sense of community, writes David Otness.

Commentary: Young and Sullivan deserve reelection

Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young have defended Alaska from Democratic attempts to halt its development, writes Carl Marrs.

Commentary: The empty promises of Ballot Measure 2

Leman: I spent four years overseeing Alaska’s elections as lieutenant governor. During that time, as well as during my earlier years as a legislator, I developed a keen appreciation for how much our representative government depends on an election process that is simple, transparent, impartial and honest. I reviewed Ballot Measure 2 — all 25 pages of it — and conclude that instead of what its proponents say, it is complex, obscure and unfair. Its length alone challenges describing all its shortcomings.

Commentary: How are you voting on Ballot Measure 2?

Ranked choice voting would be a catastrophe for Alaskan democracy, writes John Sturgeon.

Commentary: Has fish business become fish politics?

While it is somewhat unusual for an Alaskan mayor to write an opinion piece, I have been consistent in sharing my views on fisheries, Cordova’s single largest economic driver; always striving to represent the opinions and needs of my community, even in rare cases where they may diverge somewhat from my own.



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