The M/V Aurora prepares for its final 2019 passenger run out of Cordova. (Sept. 19, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Commentary: No prejudged outcome for AMHS reshaping group

The Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Work Group will approach Alaska's ferry service without preconceptions, writes Tom Barrett.

Commentary: Spread facts not fear (or germs)

It's important to practice careful hygiene if you don't feel sick, writes Dr. Kristel Rush.

Commentary: Coronavirus relief package has become singular legislative focus

The legislature is mobilizing the state's resources to protect Alaskans from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, writes Rep. Louise Stutes.
Photo courtesy of skeeze/Pixabay

Commentary: Feed and speed the recall of Gov. Dunleavy

Like the Iditarod, the effort to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy will require determination and careful planning, writes Jeff King.

Commentary: Copper River Basin Symposium nurtures collaboration

The Copper River Basin Symposium helped develop conservation efforts throughout the region, writes Robin Wayo.

Commentary: Why has Hilcorp developed the nickname ‘Spillcorp’?

Alaskans should take a hard look at the environmental record of Hilcorp, the company that now owns a near-majority stake in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, writes Margi Dashevsky.

Commentary: CRWP plastic recycling program in jeopardy

Much plastic waste sent for recycling ends up polluting the environment, writes Shae Bowman.

Commentary: Please become a blood donor

Thirty-seven percent of Alaskans are eligible to donate blood, but less than 2 percent actually do, writes Robert Scanlon.

Commentary: Lottery proposal diverts attention from real budget issue

Even in the best-case scenario, a state lottery would hardly begin to pay for Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend, writes Larry Persily.

Commentary: Pebble – what we stand to lose

Pebble mine threatens to damage Alaska's natural environment in radical and unpredictable ways, writes Dave Atcheson.



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