Capitol Report: Budget remains key legislative focus

Sen. Gary Stevens: With the legislative session now in its sixth week, there is a lot happening in the Capitol. Of course, the major item on our agenda is the Fiscal Year 2023 budget. Although it is too early to say what it will look like, the Finance Committees in both legislative bodies are meeting with the governor’s finance experts and commissioners to gather information that will be used in the budget process.

Capitol Report: Fish product development tax credit bill heads to a vote

Sen. Gary Stevens: With the session well-underway and the Senate Committees working diligently on numerous bills and, of course, the Fiscal Year 2023 state budget, I am pleased to report some progress on my personal legislation.

Capitol Report: Pace of work expected to be quick, but thorough

Sen. Gary Stevens writes: Hello friends and neighbors. With the second session of the 32nd Alaska State Legislature underway, lawmakers are back at the Capitol to work on the budget and numerous other matters that will come before us this year.

Capitol Report: Second special session begins on June 28

The Legislature still has work to do to ensure that necessary programs are funded, writes Sen. Gary Stevens.

Special session of 32nd Legislature gets underway

The 32nd Alaska Legislature is currently in special session. On the agenda for the special session are the Fiscal Year 2022 Operating Budget and Mental Health Budget, as well as Governor Dunleavy’s proposed constitutional amendments regarding the Permanent Fund.

Capitol Report: Legislative session will likely need extension

It's too early to say what the budget will look like when it passes the Legislature, but lawmakers are committed to getting the work done as quickly as possible, writes Sen. Gary Stevens.

Capitol Report: Key issues still in progress during final weeks of Legislature

The Alaska Legislature is currently working on budget issues and preparing to conduct confirmation hearings, writes Sen. Gary Stevens.

Capitol Report: Legislature will extend session to work on budget, appointments

Sen. Gary Stevens has sponsored a bill that would require the University of Alaska Board of Regents to deliver a report evaluating the quality of its instructional programs and describing its efforts to achieve or maintain accreditation.
Alaska State Capitol Building

Capitol Report: Alaska delegation should collaborate on UA federal endowment land grant

Sen. Gary Stevens delivers an update on the bills and resolutions currently under consideration by the Alaska Legislature.
Photo courtesy of David Mark/Pixabay

Capitol Report: Alaska Senate passes 1st bill

SB 24 allows corporate shareholder meetings and nonprofit member meetings to be held electronically, a practice which was allowed under pandemic emergency orders.


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