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Capitol Report: Should conditions improve, Legislature may reconvene

It's possible that the legislature may reconvene its current session. However, it's more likely that the legislature will meet in a special session later this year.
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Capitol Report: Legislature gives Alaska tools to respond to COVID-19

Sen. Gary Stevens provides a breakdown of Alaska's fiscal year 2021 budget.
Capitol Report

Capitol Report: Legislators moving fast to finalize budget

The legislature is pursuing multiple initiatives to lessen the impact of the coronavirus on on ordinary Alaskans, writes Sen. Gary Stevens.

Capitol Report: State takes action to keep ahead of coronavirus

The state has created a unified command structure to respond to a novel coronavirus outbreak in Alaska, writes Sen. Gary Stevens.
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Capitol Report: Supplemental budget passes House

Sen. Gary Stevens provides a breakdown of the supplemental budget passed by the Alaska House of Representatives.
Capitol Report

Capitol Report: Budget remains central focus of legislators

There's no reason legislators shouldn't be able to find a workable solution to Alaska's ferry problems, writes Sen. Gary Stevens.

Capitol Report: Work on 2021 budget is well underway

The Alaska Legislature has been extremely active assessing a proposed $4.5 billion budget, plus an additional $2 billion to pay Permanent Fund Dividends, writes Sen. Gary Stevens.

Capitol Report: Legislative session opens in Juneau

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has called to draw $1.5 billion from the Constitutional Budget Reserve to meet expenses during the coming fiscal year.
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Capitol Report: Budget issues again will dominate 2020 legislative debate

Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget will be unveiled by mid-December, a little over a month before session begins.

Cruise ship passengers airlifted to Cordova

Two passengers from separate cruise ships suffering life-threatening medical issues were airlifted by the Coast Guard to Cordova during the past week. They were transported on for advanced medical care.



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