Oil industry firms fined for environmental violations

A Valdez refinery is one of three oil industry entities in Alaska among the 38 cited by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 10 on June 28 for violations of environmental laws from Jan 1 through March 31.

The Petro Star Valdez Refinery at Valdez was fined $5,000 for an incident involving violation of hazardous waste management rules on Feb. 4.

HillCorp Alaska LLC’s Milne Point unit at Prudhoe Bay was fined $100,000 for violation of spill prohibition rules on Jan. 14.

ConocoPhillips Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay facilities were fined $4,000 for violation of hazardous waste management rules on Jan. 8.

The EPA noted that such violations of environmental laws put public health and the environment at risk, and that the EPA enforces federal environmental laws to protect communities and to keep the air, land and water health.

These compliance and enforcement efforts also level the playing field by deterring violators who might otherwise have an unfair business advantage over environmentally compliant facilities and businesses, the EPA said.