From the Mayor’s desk

Mayor’s Report By Clay Koplin Mayor, City of Cordova

I met with Dave Reggiani, extended the Council and community’s appreciation for his many years of (continuing) volunteer service to Cordova. Dave agreed to serve with the manager application review committee, and had several good suggestions, including the need for Council to establish some criteria to assist the committee with the screening of applications into a final cut for council. As I mentioned in my verbal report at the special meeting, the committee needs council guidance on specific criteria, i.e. economic development strength, personnel management strength, strong general managerial skills with no one particular strength/weakness, etc.

Mike Anderson applied for, and received Cordova support for, the new Lt. Governor’s ferry committee for SE through SE Conference. I will disband the Cordova ferry committee that was partially formed when I became mayor. The Chenega employees are being laid off, and I am working with Alaska Dispatch to try and get an opinion piece about how again, we are cutting jobs and economy from key business infrastructure that will hamper our ability to diversify our economy, and by “we” and “our,” Anchorage is a bigger loser in this move than Cordova.

I have scheduled a meeting with Bill Bittner and Dave Gross, senior partners of Birch, Horton, Bittner on July 11 in their Anchorage offices. They were not available 4th of July week, but will be available the 3rd Wednesday July, or first or third Wednesday August to meet on site with City Council to review the relationship and expectations with BHB. Given recent Council/HSB correspondence, this would be a good opportunity for clarifying roles and responsibilities and best practices for internal communications.

On Friday, June 17th, I met with City staff and the USCG regarding deployment of a new fast class 154’ cutter in south-central Alaska.

On Friday, June 17th I was able to meet State House Representative Duncan Fields and show him and his wife, former Representative Alan Austerman and his wife, around Cordova including a tour of the Power Creek Hydroelectric project and we discussed items of interest to Cordova.

On June 18th and 19th, over Copper River Nouveau weekend, I was also able to meet with Senator Murkowski and Representative Stutes to discuss the naval exercises in the Gulf and Cordova’s concern with the timing of those exercises.

On June 27th, I joined interim manager Hicks, Cathy Sherman, and staff to represent the City of Cordova during the Rasmuson Foundation Board meeting and reception. Rasmuson has funded the Cordova Center, Pioneer Igloo, Family Resource and Crisis Center, Prince William Sound Science Center, Red Dragon renovations, and CCMC CT scanner purchase, over $2.3M in five years. I presented Ed Rasmuson the key to the City and extended our appreciation for the foundation’s investments in Cordova.

On June 27th, I met with Kerin Kramer and John Whissel of NVE and Representative Stutes to continue working toward a Prince William Sound Tanner Crab fishery.

On June 29th, Kelly Tilford, Crater Lake Water and Power Project feasibility study project manager from McMillen‐Jacobs, City Engineer Rich Rogers, and I, as Cordova Electric CEO and Engineer, presented a public hearing on the proposed Crater Lake Water and Power Project. Key community concerns revolved around the cost of the project and the cost to citizens, access road construction, aesthetics and safety.

There were comments/questions regarding a real need for the project. The meeting was well attended, with approximately 40 participants including CEC Board and City Council members. It is now time for City Council to consider the project. City and CEC staff need to know what City Council will need to help facilitate a decision on whether or not to proceed with the project. That is listed on the pending agenda in tonight’s packet. Council could direct staff accordingly.

Still Pending: I will be drafting a City letter to the USFS encouraging helicopter skiing in the Chugach in the proximity of Cordova as an agenda item for their internal review committee on special use permits.