Obituary: Charles ‘Chuck’ A. Irvine

March 1, 1938–Dec. 30, 2019

Charles ‘Chuck’ A. Irvine.

Charles A. Irvine (Chuck) born March 1, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois passed away on Dec. 30, 2019 in Spokane, Washington. He was 81 years old.

Chuck is survived by his three children Bob, Annette and Jennifer. He also has seven grandchildren.

Although born in Chicago, he grew up in Buchanan, Michigan and graduated from Buchanan High School in 1957.

Chuck served in the Navy from 1959-1963. He attended Ferris State University and graduated from Utah State University in 1966. He obtained his master’s degree in wildlife biology from Utah State University in 1969.

He worked for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game from 1971-1978. He was a fisherman from 1978-1985. During those years he was also crab fisherman. Chuck ran Natural History Tours aboard the Discovery from 1986-1989. After that time, he re-located to Seattle, California and ultimately resided in Oregon. He was an avid fly fisherman and built bamboo fly rods by hand.

Chuck was an extremely knowledgeable person and loved the outdoors. He will be missed.