Sheridan goat hunt concludes

Registration permit hunt RG231 for mountain goats in Game Management Unit 6C closed by emergency order on Tuesday, Nov. 3, to avoid a situation where harvest might exceed objectives of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

As of Monday, Nov. 2, the reported harvest stood at six billies and one nanny for a total of eight goal points, said Charlotte Westing, the area wildlife biologist in Cordova. Each billy counts as one goat point and each nanny for two goat points. With hunters still in the field, it was likely that additional goats may have been taken and not yet reported, Westing said.

The hunt area includes the portion of Unit 6C east of Scott Glacier and the main channel of Scott River north of the Copper River Highway, ad west of Sheridan Glacier and the main channel of Glacier River.

The closure affects only registration permit hunt RG231 in Unit 6C. Other mountain goat hunting regulations in the remainder of Unit 6 are not affected by this emergency order.