Study shows Japanese seafood lovers prefer Alaska product

Research commissioned by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has found that the Alaska brand is important to Japanese seafood lovers.

Study results released on Tuesday, June 29 found that roughly 80% of 1,000 Japanese consumers surveyed were more motivated to buy products marked as from Alaska.

More specifically if the ASMI logo is present, 79.6% of consumers surveyed said they would purchase the product, and 77.1% of consumers said they would be more likely to purchase if “Alaska” or “Alaskan” is written on the packaging to denote product origin.

Similar recent consumer studies in the United States also found that the placement of Alaska Seafood logo and origin at the point of purchase drives consumer preference and sales at retail and foodservice in the domestic market.

The retail study by Datassential Research found that seafood shoppers are more likely to buy when the words “Alaska Seafood” are including on the packaging and 73% said they would pay more for a product when the Alaska Seafood logo is displayed.