USACE plans over $6.2M for Alaska projects

Newly released work plans for fiscal 2022 from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers allocate over $6.2 million for water related projects in Alaska.

The allocations include $3 million for the Lowell Creek diversion tunnel in Seward, $2 million for the Elim subsistence harbor. $507,000 for navigational improvements at Atka, $406,000 for the Craig harbor and $350,000 for navigational improvements at the Akutan harbor.

The Lowell Creek diversion tunnel is a flood control project, which was constructed to alleviate flooding of Lowell Creek in Seward.  It was the first flood control project completed by the Corps in Alaska.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, noted that the Corps has provided pivotal support for Alaska for years, even before statehood, and that with investments from the Infrastructure Law that the Corps has been able to clear a backlog of projects that had been in the queue for over a decade.

“Now with those projects finally cleared, many other priorities are making headway with the Army Corps work plan,” she said. “As a result, Craig Harbor will finally be able to complete their preconstruction, engineering, and design phase. Atka, Akutan, and Elim subsistance harbors will receive a much-needed boost to either continue or complete their investigations to propel these local projects forward. And, additional funding for the Lowell Creek diversion tunnel will take us one step closer to ensuring a flood-free future for Seward.”