AMHS ready for winter reservations

Alaska Marine Highway System officials say the winter ferry schedule has been adjusted based on feedback received and that they will keep working with coastal communities to minimize service disruptions. They are currently accepting reservations for winter service.

Looking at the winter schedule, available online at, the public will see changes from what was initially proposed, including added service for Prince William Sound while the M/V Aurora undergoes its scheduled two-month annual overhaul.

Initially, the department intended to bring the M/V Columbia back into service to cover service gaps during overhauls but decided the most dependable option is to the continue utilization of the M/V Kennicott and the M/V Matanuska throughout the winter months.

The M/V Tazlina will provide additional service during the M/V LeConte’s overhaul, pending crew availability.

AMHS officials also said that the M/V Tustumema’s sailing schedule was adjusted to provide several sailings in Prince William Sound, and that service has been added to accommodate special events in the coastal communities’ to the extent practicable.

AHHS also plans to contract supplemental services as needed to cover service disruptions, they said.

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