Museum Memories

The next series of pictures we publish will be in association with the 2017 Iceworm Tail Clues, since we do LOVE history!

The fourth clue was: “As the night lengthened, those old ghosts formalized their ideas – a $15 round trip flight from Anchorage to Cordova would include the crab feed in the price. The beard contest and the crowning of Miss Iceworm on the High School stage and the Ski Race? Why straight down Council Street of course”

If you’ve been following along, you learned in the last article that Cordovan skiers were very creative and had put together an amazing ski jump that ran the length of Council Street the whole way to the waterfront. The police would even cooperate and block the little bit of traffic during special ski events.

This clue should have you focused in on Council Street … and the public areas you might have searched would have included around Bidarki Rec Center, the parking lot/snow dump across from the Reluctant Fisherman and if you were really getting the gist of the clues down to the public waterfront area at the end of Council Street, which is of course, where the tail was found.

The final clues would have led you closer and closer to the Reluctant Fisherman and the public waterfront area of Council Street! Thanks for playing and good luck next year!

This photo came from the archives and collections of the Cordova Historical Society.