Cathy Sherman

Cathy Sherman is a volunteer historian and recently-retired director of the Cordova library and Historical Museum. Sherman has been contributing to The Cordova Times for over a decade.

Museum Memories

Approaching our very special Mt. Eccles Elementary School, we need to talk about what was in the location BEFORE our current school...

Museum Memories

This week, we are leaving the Red Dragon Historic District and wandering further up the hill past the Ilanka Health Center and...

Museum Memories

The Red Dragon, designed as a multipurpose mission center, might be one of Cordova’s most historic properties. The Reverend E. P. Newton,...

Along Second Street

Working our way north on Second Street, we have reached the Red Dragon Historic District, which includes St. George’s Episcopal Church and...

A walk down Second Street

We continue to trace the historic buildings of Second Street and it was a difficult decision deciding at which end of the...

A walk down memory lane

As the City of Cordova begins preparations for the revamping of Second Street, the folks at the museum have been assisting the...

Library and Friends Dedicate Garden

Aug. 24 was one of the many stormy, rainy days Cordova experienced this year, but thatdidn’t stop the...

Always, always give a book as a gift!

As the holidays approach, remember that giving the gift of a book can inspire others' hope and imagination, writes Cathy Sherman.

Museum Memories: Cordova’s WWII airfield

By the end of the 1930s, there were over 100 airfields in Alaska but only four adequate for modern aircraft. The Civil Aeronautics Act created an authority to regulate air traffic and in 1940 as World War II raged in Europe, Congress seriously considered its Alaskan defenses.

Museum Memories: Grit and determination

In the early 1940s, Cordova was experiencing growing pains. Luckily, Cordova built a strong foundation on the backs of gritty individuals with convictions determined to maintain a vibrant place in the history of Alaska.


Police report

Courtesy of the Cordova Police Department  The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between 10-10-22...
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