28.4 F
Cordova, AK
Friday, March 24, 2017

Cordova Girl Scouts: Planning for adventure

Cordova Girl Scouts Ria Smyke, Andrea Vargas, Faith Collins and Aubrey Quinn show off a dragon head with leader Anita Smyke Oct. 22. The scouts held a rummage sale at Mt. Eccles Elementary School, hoping to raise enough funds to travel to the United Kingdom and Switzerland. From the looks of things, all types of interesting items were donated...

Eyak Lake View Cordova

Eyak Lake view Cordova is a photographer’s delight, providing eye candy in all directions. This shot was taken from Skater’s Cabin, on the edge of Eyak Lake, last week.

New snow

Extra! Extra! Paper kids keep tradition alive

Antonina, better known as Toni Hosick, moved to Cordova from Massachusetts when she was 33. Toni, who turns 98 on Saturday, Aug. 27, is the oldest Cordovan to receive The Cordova Times to her door each week by Cordova’s youngest paper delivery boy Andrew Bellefeuille, who is 7 years old. Andrew is filling in for his 11-year-old sister Andrea...

Still a holiday treasure

Retail prices for Bristol Bay red king crab jumped from $26 a pound a year ago to $35 a pound in December of this year, but Tito Marquez of 10th and M Seafoods in Anchorage said demand is steady.  Those prices at the popular seafood shop are still considerably less than those advertised by some online seafood purveyors.