At Your Library: More DVDs for your viewing pleasure

Find The Three Stooges DVDs at your library!
Find The Three Stooges DVDs at your library!

The Cordova Public Library’s ever-growing DVD collection offers a wide range of educational, classic and current films for our patrons.


Three Stooges:

Here’s just a few we recently added to the shelves, including some classic Three Stooges!

The Three Stooges: Stop! Look! And Laugh!  (1960)

The Three Stooges: Merry Mavericks (1951)

The Three Stooges: Punchy Cowpunchers (1950)

The Three Stooges: Bubble Trouble (1953)

The Three Stooges: The Tooth Will Out (1951)


A collection of SciFi Classics:

Kong Island: (1968); Bride of the Gorilla (1951); Attack of the Monsters (1969); and Gamera the Invincible (1966)


And these Science Fiction thrillers:

The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) Fantasy/Action. Ancient Chinese warriors train and mentor a 21st century Kung Fu fanatic.


The Messengers (2007) Sci Fi Horror. A young girl must fight with forces from far beyond the grave to save her family.


Or for something a little more down to earth … or in this case … above the earth:

The Magic of Flight (1996) History. Blue Angels perform fantastic and amazingly precise maneuvers. Narrated by Tom Selleck.


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