Cordova regular city election results and special election announced

Voters cast their ballots during CordovaÕs regular city election on March 6, 2018 at the Cordova Center.

Preliminary results from ballots cast at the polls during Cordova’s regular city election on March 6 are in, with one city council seat still undecided.

As the polls closed, a six-vote difference made the winner in the race for City Council Seat D too close to call. Voters at the polls had cast 252 ballots for Robert Beedle and 246 ballots for Melina Meyer.

There are 58 absentee ballots, including absentee in person, by mail, questioned ballots and special needs ballots, still to be counted, with a potential for 12 more ballots to be added to that list, making the total 70.

The election board will make the official count at 9 a.m. on March 14.

Results from the absentee ballots will not affect City Council Seat E, School Board Member positions or CCMC Authority Board Member positions.

Anne Schaefer will maintain her seat on Council after receiving 297 votes to Gary Graham’s 197.

Bret Bradford, with 381 votes, and Peter Hoepfner, with 351 votes, were elected into the two open seats on the school board.

Amanda Wiese, with 376 votes, and Linnea Ronnegard, with 364 votes, were both elected to the CCMC Authority Board.

The Cordova City Council voted unanimously to hold a special election on May 15 for ordinances 1165, 1166 and 1167. The ordinances, via the public initiative process, have been discussed extensively during city council meetings over the past few months.

Initiated Ordinance 1165: A proposition decreasing the sales tax cap on a single purchase from $7,500 to $3,000.

Initiated Ordinance 1166: A proposition repealing the motor fuels tax

Initiated Ordinance 1167: A proposition amending the Cordova municipal code to prohibit marijuana manufacturing and cultivation facilities, marijuana retail stores and marijuana testing facilities.


City of Cordova, General Election

March 6, 2018

Certification of Election Return of Ballots Cast at the Polls


City Council Member — Seat “D”

For a regular three (3) year term

Robert Beedle 252

Melina Meyer 246


City Council Member — Seat “E”

For a regular three (3) year term

Gary Graham 197

Anne Schaefer 297


Two School Board Members

For two (2) regular (3) year terms

Bret Bradford 381

Peter Hoepfner 351

Dan Reum 163


Two (2) CCMC Authority Board Members

For Two (2) Regular, Three (3) Year Terms

Dan Reum 109

Linnea Ronnegard 364

Amanda Wiese 376

Source: City of Cordova

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