State waters Pacific cod season opens to longline gear

Harvesting of Pacific cod in the Prince William Sound area parallel fishery closed at noon Feb. 7, coinciding with the National Marine Fisheries Service closure of Pacific cod less than 50 foot in length hook and line gear sector in the federal Central Gulf of Alaska area.

For vessels using jig gear, the parallel season remains open.

The PWS state-waters Pacific cod season opens to longline gear at noon March 15, concurrent with the individual fishing quota halibut season opening date, as provided in the PWS Pacific cod management plan.

The total guideline harvest level for this fishery is 936,965 pounds of P-cod with 85 percent, or 796,420 pounds allocated to longline gear. The PWS state-waters P-cod season remains open to vessels using pot gear.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reminds harvesters that there is a 24-hour delivery time requirement following closure of a groundfish fishery, and that fishermen must get a PWS state-waters P-cod area registration before participating in the state-waters P-cod season. Area registration for the PWS state-waters P-cod season for longline gear is exclusive Vessel registrations are available from ADF&G in Homer, Cordova or Anchorage, or by fax from the Homer office.