CRPWSMA hires Narwold-Ladd as program coordinator

Annalee Narwold-Ladd has been hired as the Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association’s new program coordinator. Her work will include digital marketing programs across various channels, several annual familiarity tours, and a robust year-round sampling program.

Previously, Narwold-Ladd worked for Ekso Bionics, where she did marketing collateral, video documentaries and promotional trailers, produced marketing automation campaigns, and designed trade show booths.

“Living in a small coastal Alaskan town, it’s not every day that a marketing job opens up, so I was excited when the program coordinator position became available for Copper River Salmon,” Narwold-Ladd said. “My last brand management position was for an industrial exoskeletal vest so promoting wild Alaska salmon may not seem obvious, but my skillset is marketing, which ultimately is story-telling and the story of Copper River salmon is one of the best brand stories around. My brother in-law is one of our member fishermen and I look forward to meeting more of the fleet of salmon gillnetters here in Area E in the upcoming season.”

The non-regional seafood development association is funded by the salmon drift and set net salmon fleet in Alaska fisheries management area E, Prince William Sound and the Copper River District. Staff efforts include creating market demand for salmon from the Prince William Sound and Copper River districts, plus support for exclusive promotions of the established Copper River brand and the emerging Prince William Sound brand.